Maetrik - Live At Cocoon Ibiza (CD) on Cocoon

Maetrik - Live At Cocoon Ibiza (CD)

Cocoon [DE] | CORMIX 038 - Mar. 20, 2012

CD || Melodic House & Techno / Deep Tech

Track info

Maetrik - The Poem
Silicone Soul - 3am (Maetrik Jazzersize Remix)
Maetrik - Particle House
Popof - Blue Dream (Maetrik Remix)
Maetrik - Pressure
Maetrik - The Entity
Maetrik - Reason
Maceo Plex - Deez Nuts
Maetrik - Crush On Me
Maceo Plex - Under The Sheets

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1 The Poem 2 3am (Maetrik Jazzersize Remix) 3 Particle House 4 Blue Dream (Maetrik Rmx) 5 Pressure 6 The Entity 7 Reason 8 Deez Nuts 9 Crush On Me 10 Under The Sheets Even after more than 30 years of living the lifestyle of electronic dance music, Techno is still sometimes looking for a matching form and sound language to transfer the special thrill of a live event to a club night adequately. So, Sven Väth and his crew were even more excited about the live set of Eric Estornell aka Maetrik at Cocoon’s Closing Party at Amnesia / Ibiza this year. For the final of a season that was once again exploring the limits of party culture, Maetrik celebrated an extraordinary energetic state of emergency for more than one hour. The resulting live CD is reflecting that matchless mixture of pumping Deep House, energetic Soul and adrenaline-enriched Noise that Maetrik presented already on such renowned labels from the likes of Treibstoff from Cologne, Dumb Unit and Steve Bug’s Audiomatique platform, and which is, with timeless tracks like “Snorkel” and “Crush On Me", also an important part of Cocoon’s current label portfolio. The Texan that lives in Valencia in Spain is delivering a brilliant performance with ten tracks or remixes (among them Silicone Soul and Popof), including four unreleased tracks, which will be - for all vinyl junkies - also released on two maxis, of course. Estornell’s distinctive style to stamp the night with his hallucinogenic vocals and deep hypnotic beats is illuminating the club with an energy that is literally everywhere. Thanks to the preacher vocals in “The Poem", a longing subsonic pulse in the Jazzersize remix of the Soul anthem “3am", the reduced pumping funk of “The Pressure” or the programmatic Maetrik-style definition “Particle House” with his breathless House mantra, the limits of time and space are overridden effectively, before the final “Crush on me” - one of the best club tracks in 2011 - provides the set with a conclusive climax.