Amiirali - Beautiful World  on Crosstown Rebels

Amiirali - Beautiful World

Crosstown Rebels [UK] | CRM 090 - Jan. 30, 2012

Vinyl || Tech House

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Beautiful World
Beautiful World (Daniel Bortz Remix)
Beautiful World (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
Beautiful World (Hrdvsion Remix)

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Emerging from the Crosstown Rebels camp and into the limelight, Iranian Canadian producer Amirali is heading for big things in 2012. Launching the year with first single 'Beautiful World', this captivating slice of nu-wave wonky electronic melancholic house has seismic dancefloor appeal.
Laced with the gothic sound of Depeche Mode colliding in the future with the spawn of Art Department and Underworld at Burning Man's Robot Heart, the original cut of 'Beautiful World' is a seductive, space-age concoction of weird and groovy magnitude. Driven by bass swagger and imbued with an air of cinematic harmony, the penetrating vocal injects a gothic pop sensibility and marks out Amirali as the new voice in dance music. In this near epic package, the song is given cubic dimensions from a pool of current world-class talent.
Suol-mate Daniel Bortz delivers a percussive treat in his remix with bongos and shakers rolling over a deep disco house groove as moody inflections on the vocal and slower swirling pads create lush space between the original elements. Next up, the queen of atmospheric house Deniz Kurtel Bringing down the pace, allowing for plenty of spooky spaciousness, her rework is a master class in progression and sonic texture, effortlessly gliding from futuristic bleeps to funky licks and utilising the melody to devastating effect. Taking things in an entirely fresh direction, Wagon Repair's Hrdvision produces a tougher version in the final remix that's offset with the warping futuristic pads and metallic beats.
Since opening the Get Lost 4 compilation mixed by Damian Lazarus with the track 'My Way', Amirali has been as bubbling talent just waiting to blow up the Rebels camp in 2012. The already completed album is set for a release this Spring and will see the development of this true musicians unique sound, blending the lines of techno/disco/funk and electronica along with that mysterious and haunting voice.

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