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Ebertplatz 2020 (Jorg Burger Mix)
Ebertplatz 2020 (Wolfgang Voigt Hardtranceatlanticxsmix)
Ebertplatz 2020 (Terranova Mix)

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With their highly acclaimed debut album as MOHN, Wolfgang Voigt and Jörg Burger developed a new breed of tidal funk catering to all your tripping needs. It was definitely an epic album, but not necessarily one people would dance to. Now, the EBERTPLATZ 2020 REMIXE collection unlocks the secret floor potential of one of its most accomplished tracks, bringing the bounce back to JÖRG BURGER doesn't waste any time on explanatory lead- ins but cuts right to the chase: his "Ebertplatz 2020" revamp holds all the ingredients of an instant classic from the hands of the legendary Modernist, with tightly woven beat patterns, deliciously detailed guitar licks and juicy synths all coming together for an athletic work-out on the orbital rim. It's the Modernist's trademark polish we're lionizing here, and we have to say we're more than happy to have it back. WOLFGANG VOIGT takes a slightly different route with his "Hard Trance Atlantic XS Mix", basically just adding a bassdrum to an already sublime original, but those familiar with his work know very well that it's never "just a bassdrum": like a prodigal son, the beat returns to his home country, picking up the acoustic bread crumbs it left behind and rearranging them into a massive wall of sound that may also be used as a launching pad. Trance truly is back, but it wouldn't be without Wolfgang Voigt giving it musical amnesty. A finely tuned guest remix comes from TERRANOVA who molds the source material to their own brand of slimmed down House. Their rework is a sure-fire choice for all kinds of DJs, as it goes well beyond mere functionality, implementing an extra layer of emotions while breaking down the original to its sweaty core. As one of Mohn's obvious highlights, "Ebertplatz 2020" might have been an easy pick for all remixers involved, but it certainly takes more than just a few drum rolls to enhance an already near-perfect experience.

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