Alexander Robotnick - Ce N

Alexander Robotnick - Ce N'Est Q'Un Début

Medical Records LLC [US] | MR-002 - Aug. 27, 2012

Vinyl || Italo Disco

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Problèmes D'Amour
Computer Sourire
Dance Boy Dance
Hola Macci Kola
Ce N'Est Q'Un Début
Afrikan Kola

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Alexander Robotnick (aka Maurizio Dami) is an Italian electronic musician. He made his debut on the Italian music scene as the founding member of Avida, a dance-cabaret band featuring Daniele Trambusti and Stefano Fuochi.In 1983 he attained international popularity with his track “Problèmes d’amour”, published first by the Italian label Materiali Sonori and then by Sire-Wea. “Problèmes d’amour” went on to become a “cult track” of the disco scene. It became quite an import hit in America’s underground club scene, and sparked the mini-LP “Ce N’est Qu’un Début” that same year (originally released on Materiali Sonori in 1984 (Italy). It consists of 6 captivating tracks including the hit “Problèmes d’amour” as well as the track “Dance boy dance” which has appeared on other cult disco c ompilations.