André Galluzzi & Dana Ruh / Agent! & Vito & Danito - Voyage / Dopeman on Cocoon

André Galluzzi & Dana Ruh / Agent! & Vito & Danito - Voyage / Dopeman

Cocoon [DE] | COR10 010 - Feb. 11, 2013

Vinyl || Techno

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Andre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh - Voyage
Agent!, Vito & Dani - Dopeman

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Cocoon Recordings No. 10010 is a mighty club tool and comes from the studios of Dana Ruh & André Galluzzi resp. of Agent!, Vito & Danito. Galluzzi and Ruh are celebrating their gusto for dark and long arrangements with quite a few references to Berlin’s club culture and the Basic Channel catalogue. Hypnotically, kicking and breathing the vibe of those long Berlin nights, “Voyage” takes you on a trip into your inner self. Endless and energetic! “Dopeman", produced by the trio Agent!, Vito & Danito is living the pure Chicago House spirit, with greetings from Sneak and iCube, and also DJ W!ld brought this sound back again to the dancefloors with his latest releases. It pumps and it kicks, and cut-off, filtered samples are finishing it all off and turn “Dopeman” into a veritable dancefloor bomb, that doesn’t even stop at siren samples and 90’s revival sounds. A hit! Put your hands in the air and jack your body, here comes “Dopeman"!

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