Mark Reeve - With Us (Picture Sleeve) on Cocoon

Mark Reeve - With Us (Picture Sleeve)

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12099 - Dec. 5, 2012

Vinyl || Techno

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With Us
From The Soul
Initial Spark

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The English born Mark Reeve is an old-school Techno producer. There is no schmaltz, no loop fiddling and no cheap sensationalism in his tracks, which are aiming at the big Techno floors. Dark, kicking and with an incredible amount of energy, he creates Techno tracks that allow no escape. The opener “With Us” shows all this in an impressing way. The kettle-like ride cymbals and the “Spaced Out” vocals generate an almost mystical atmosphere. The mighty bass grounding does the rest: go for it - nothing more, nothing less! “From The Soul” slows down the whole thing a bit, however it’s still a pumping and lively track. Certainly, Reeve offers more variety in the arrangement, with long breaks and monstrous chords that should make any after hour boil over. Reeve’s “Antidote” sounds like a trip through time, back to the golden days of Berlin’s Tresor club. Detroit meets Berlin: demanding, decent and full of testosterone. For fans of Slam and Gary Beck! “Initial Spark", Reeve’s collaboration with Ingo Boss, is a great DJ tool. A cool, kicking groove with much room for long mixes and some DJ work behind the decks. No artificial mood elevators and no Ableton DJ fireworks, but rather solid Techno that leaves the DJ still be a DJ and doesn’t take the work out of his hands. So, Reeve delivers a true Reeve. Also his cooperations with Pig & Dan and his releases on Soma or Traum are shining through here. For those who like it a little more tough!

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