Various Artists - Berghain 06 (Picture Sleeve) on Ostgut Ton

Various Artists - Berghain 06 (Picture Sleeve)

Ostgut Ton [DE] | O-TON 59 / 880319597114 - Feb. 11, 2013

Vinyl || Techno

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Vault 5
From Foreign Territories

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Compiled by Berghain resident Norman Nodge, the 12-inch sampler for the "Berghain 06" mix CD collects three previously unreleased, exclusive tracks picked by Nodge especially for his Mix. Long serving techno veteran Mark Broom contributes a no-messing-around dancefloor weapon with "Vault 5". The track begins without intro and slowly but continuously builds up the tension. Echoed, whispered vocal samples round off the dark mood of Broom?s production. We are kept in the dark as to who produces as Birds Two Cage. The short but perfectly rounded ambient track "Gase", which also opens Nodge?s Mix, is simply blissful as a standalone track. The B-Side Track "From Foreign Territories" by Patrick Gräser (aka Answer Code Request) creates a bold mixture that combines his individual style with principles of classic techno and manages to sound totally fresh, perfect for the Berghain floor today.

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