Sven Väth - The Sound Of The 13th Season (2xCD) on Cocoon

Sven Väth - The Sound Of The 13th Season (2xCD)

Cocoon [DE] | CORMIX 042 - Feb. 11, 2013

CD || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

Track info

1 1. Terranova - Question Mark feat. Thomas Hoffding (Adam Port Remix) 2. wAFF - Jo Johnson 3. WK7 - Do It Yourself 4. Margot - Liuff Settanta 5. Tuff City Kids - SFS 6. Octave One - The Greater Good (P.A.S. Remix) 7. Ben Sims - Straight from Bolivia 8. Sam Paganini - Prisma 9. Sawlin - Datamen Working 10. Planetary Assault Systems - Black Tea 11. Exercise One - Top Score (Stop Thinking!) 12. Silent Servant - Mad Youth 13. Ray Kajioka - Thrill CD 2 1. Makam - Images 2. Romanthony - The Wanderer (Dixon Edit) 3. &ME - Everlesss 4. Julien Bracht - Grace 5. Alejandro Mosso - Cashmere 6. Lawrence - Etoile Du Midi 7. Rhadoo - Geemac 8. Roman Flügel - Cookie Dust 9. Four Tet - Ocoras 10. Uner - Sol 11. Gathaspar - She’s Not From Here 12. Soy Mustafa - The Return of the Anunnaki (John Tejada Remix)

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There will always be a bass drum making people dance, but it will rarely sound the same. Techno and House are in continuous flux. There will always be people celebrating. And each year new kids join the scene, hungry for pleasure, for beauty, for ecstasy - for life. Over the last few years, Ibiza has established itself as one of the centres of advanced electronic music. A key figure in Ibiza’s electronic awakening is Sven Väth. He and the Mediterranean island have come a long way. As a youth, he experienced the flamboyant nightlife on the island, having been introduced to dimensions of pleasure that were not imaginable in his hometown of Frankfurt. In 1999, Väth decided to return some of the energy and inspiration he had received from the rocky island with the unique atmosphere. Focusing on quality music, Väth established a new type of party experience by summoning a tribe of passionate musicians and activists, and in 2012, Cocoon’s Ibiza adventure was created for the 13th time. Being the master of ceremony, Väth invites a unique mix of long-time companions and upcoming talent.

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