Schleck Stecker - Sad On The Herd on Milnor Modern

Schleck Stecker - Sad On The Herd

Milnor Modern [DE] | MILNORMODERN 021 / 880319606212 - Dec. 10, 2012

Vinyl || Minimal House / Tech House / Techno

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A1: Crispy Trousersz (On Mic Ian Simmonds)
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A2: Boullion Fragile
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B1: Sad On The Herd (On Bass Alex 'kantarre' Kemptner)
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B2: Kauzchenragout (On Piano Emvau)

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After what has seemed like 134 years of shame and reluctance of their own release, based on the fact that the unbeat- able thoroughness of the filthy and yet so unintentional live sets of the three fearless Brothers Schleck^Stecker, these old warhorses are back for another round and on the way burning 4 sauna-sweaty, steamy joints into the grooves of the vinyl. These are from the most recent live sets, raw and not cured but most definitely cuts in the best butcher tradition, yep. Whoever with the measured cuddly joints out of the cozy home studio, or rather "heartwarming" can keep their booty in their back pocket. Here we're talking about grown up bass strikes, that don't just deliver the gilded cuts but espe- cially get everything that the circuits allow (after the first liter of sparkling wine has been poured into the sampler). Stories that really tell you about the nightlife and don't just come to mind during hangover recovery or while your having a jog. Rear pursuing walls of sound, built from scratch from Grandpa's day, real and ordinary like a fully copulated union. Realtime compositions, one-of-a-kind that refuse to remain on the drawing board because the reality of the night and locations can't always be represented in a window of some software. Rather in the desert wind slapped against the passions, like a wet flag. Convoluted and yet still on track, inescapable and with an open heart against destiny. Attack!!!

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