Nicolas Duvoisin  - Walking EP on Foundsound

Nicolas Duvoisin - Walking EP

Foundsound [US] | FOUNDSOUND 26 / 880319604218 - Dec. 3, 2012

Vinyl || Techno, Techno Wave, Dub Techno

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Now You Sing
Love House
My Back
Talk To Him

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after nearly a one-year hiatus, foundsound returns with a whoppin' four-tracker (available on vinyl and digital) courtesy of a french-speaking whiz kid. foundsound is stoked to welcome nicolas duvoisin to the family. nicolas duvoisin hails from geneva, switzerland. he is the owner of fantastic friends recordings. he is one-half of plastic fm. and he is known for creatively alternating between minimal, house and techno giving the dance floor a unique ass-shaking experience – such as with his releases and remixes on labels like snork enterprises, kindisch, kina music, siteholder, circle music, and many others. on walking ep, nicolas duvoisin carries you through a groovy tech-house joyride that is deep and floor- pumping at the same time – fueled by alluring grooves and savvy experimentalism. on a1 – "now you sing" – you float, bounce and glide through a mesmerizing tech-house gut-wrencher doused with a driving, forward-moving groove, mind-tickling vocal frolic and witty little breakdowns that'll make your spine tingle. on a2 – "love house" – the french-swiss mofo keeps it pumping with a rubbery groove and voices from underwater – making people dance with their arms spread wide open. on b1 – "my back" – you get a tripped-out floor-burner with a strong tech-house groove, clever sample- play, enthralling effects, climactic arrangements and a bouncy bassline that'll have people forgetting their own names. on b2 – "talk to him" – you have a refreshingly soulful tech-house gem with an old-school vibe fueled by housey synth stabs, breathy vocals samples, off-kilter percussion and an attractively bouncy groove. so don't just walk. run! dance! spin round and round! and all that good stuff.