Recondite - Plangent #005 on Plangent

Recondite - Plangent #005

Plangent [DE] | PLAN 005 - Feb. 11, 2013

Vinyl || Techno

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A: Dawn (RNDM Remix)
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B: Haptic (Kassian Troyer)

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RNDM and Kassian Troyer get involved with Plangent Records in remixing two of Recondite's tracks in such a fine and sensitive way as it could'nt have been done better for the imprint's taste. The A side uses ''Dawn's'' deep balearic mood, and takes it directly to a dark, sweaty, full and synced up basement club with a punchy kik and definitive deep house vibes. Kassian built an almost 7 minute long sound design master piece out of ''Haptic's'' stems, adds yet another detroitish flavour to the track, hides tons of miniature sounds to be discovered by the listener who will certainly enjoy the up an coming artist's subconcious treatments. You could'nt fit a piece of paper between their tracks, as they come in perfect harmony.