Various Artists  - Pop Ambient 2013 (LP + CD) on Kompakt

Various Artists - Pop Ambient 2013 (LP + CD)

Kompakt [DE] | KOMPAKT 269 / 880319073519 - Jan. 21, 2013

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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01 Cuando El Sol Grita La MaŮana 02 Sully (Wolfgang Voigt Mix) 03 Deutz Air 2 04 Jean Vigo 05 Point Of No Return 06 Recombination 07 Ambianopolis 08 Rueckverzauberung 7 09 El Cruce Imposible 10 Cirrus Minor

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Since its inception in 2001, each entry in the POP AMBIENT series has included its year of conception in its title, an irony in the fact that many consider the music being timeless in more than one way: a feel-good classic to some, a rigorous experiment to others, POP AMBIENT always has located itself between the poles of habitual listening and sonic curiosity, with the space in-between beats being a way more interesting material than the beat itself. As in the years before, POP AMBIENT 2013 collects an illustrious cast of producers uniting genre pioneers alongside old friends and some surprising new arrivals. LEANDRO FRESCO certainly is a long-standing contributor to the series, which is why he gets to kick off Pop Ambient 2013 in wonderfully lyrical fashion with the "tears of the morning sun" in CUANDO EL SOL GRITA LA MANANA, an awakening track that tries to rub the sleep out of its eyes while it blinks at outer space. A rather unusual suspect is introduced with MICHAEL MAYER, who – just like Superpitcher in 2012 – delivers his Pop Ambient debut: originally, SULLY was the congenial opening track for the highly praised "Mantasy" full-length, but evolves in the remix of Pop Ambient curator WOLFGANG VOIGT who nevertheless manages to keep the distinctive texture intact and brings a GAS-eous vibe into the original.