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Ost & Kjex - Lulu EP

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMIC 063 - Feb. 25, 2013

Vinyl || House / Deep House

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A: Lulu
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B1: Indie
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B2: Harpiks

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Release: 18.02.2013 Barcode: 827170486966 A1. Ost & Kjex - Lulu B1. Ost & Kjex - Indie B2. Ost & Kjex - Harpiks It’s been three years now since the footboys released their last recording, the critically acclaimed album “Cajun Lunch“. Three years is a long time for en electronic act to stay silent, (but three years is not a long time when you consider what has been going on in the Ost&Kjex camp.) The release was followed by extensive touring (leaving Kjex with a few extra gray hairs, Ost with hardly none left). The birth of two new babies adding the joint families to eight. Moving to suburbia. Building new studios. Slowly but surely working on a new album. Dark clouds descending on Europe. Economic crisis and what not! The frantic times has definitely put a mark on their music as the Lulu EP shows a more somber duo than we know from Cajun Lunch. The title track is a classic moody house bomb with a monster of synth riff riding on into the sunset. Vocals urging you to hold on! Indie sees the boys trying out new territory. The track also has a story. The boys were going about their usual business in the studio when an indie band started rehearsing next door. The baseline struck a chord and they started singing along. The next few hours were spent trying to recapture what they heard and turn it into the house format. Adding to the magic they brought in famous Norwegian vocalist/guitarist Anne Lise Frøkedal known for her roles in indie bands I Was A King and Harrys Gym, her lush voice fitting perfect into the blue and bluesy atmosphere of the song. And fellas, let’s face it, you could never do such a sexy guitar line! The EP is rounded up by Harpiks, a tripping house track with Kjex taking you for a roundabout in the Norwegian winter forest. And hey! It’s even got a message: Don’t you know that’s how it grows and it shows!