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You (feat Bon Homme)
Painkiller (feat Bon Homme)
Endless Summer (feat Bon Homme)
Wunderbar (feat Jennifer Cardini)

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In the manifold canon of KOMPAKT artists, TERRANOVA quickly established itself as a pivotal voice in the truest sense of the word. After conducting the multi-faceted choir that was last year's album HOTEL AMOUR (KOMPAKT 248) and its extensive list of guest vocalists, the revered project now rallies the troops and replaces the long wind of the full-length by the narrative focus of the EP format. The result is the PAINKILLER, a densely textured collection of highly addictive floor tunes and the latest chapter in Terranova's ongoing house saga.

Firmly rooted in the escapist tradition of house narrators, TERRANOVA's use of vocalists nevertheless honeycombs the public notion of what exactly a genre singer is supposed to sound like. As HOTEL AMOUR did with admirable virtuosity, the PAINKILLER EP strings together the distinctive timbres of both trained and untrained voices, putting side by side the smooth indie expertise of WHOMADEWHO's Tomas Høffding aka BONHOMME (on YOU, title track PAINKILLER and ENDLESS SUMMER) and the expressive wisdom of French DJ luminary JENNIFER CARDINI (on closing track WUNDERBAR, a wonderfully counterintuitive cover of the subtext-ridden CHRISTIANE F classic). Lyrically as well as musically, TERRANOVA's latest oeuvre tells an ambivalent tale of melancholic loss and hopeful discovery without falling prey to the shallow enthusiasm of a big room flasher: rather subtle than melodramatic in their approach, the EP's four tracks display a deep knowledge of their legacy, but opt for a thorough modernization of well-established house tropes, realizing that – as with many things in life - it's the tease that makes an addiction. That's how the resourceful shaking and three-dimensional sound design of the PAINKILLER EP find themselves underpinned with sweeping moods straight out of an amour fou's toolkit, marrying raw emotions and a sense of doom with a strong urge to work that body.

play from Sven Vath on cocoon terrace 15/07 

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