Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation M (6x12Inch + CD Boxed) on Cocoon

Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation M (6x12Inch + CD Boxed)

Cocoon [DE] | CORLP 035 - Jul. 1, 2013

Vinyl || Melodic House & Techno / Deep Tech

Track info

Makam - Samsara
Inxec & Matt Tolfrey - Never In Doubt
Alejandro Mosso - Grinding Love
Douglas Greed - Dynamit (feat Kuss)
WAFF - BeatMaker
Temma Teje - Nueva
Kyle Geiger - The Comedown
Gary Beck - Stranger
Ray Kajioka - Never Ending
Mind Against - Argo
Tuff City Kids - Meshnerize
Julien Bracht - Anthem Rhythm

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LIMITED TO 500 COPIES! UPC: 827170130623 Release: June 17th 2013 Tracklisting: CD / (LP) 1.(A) Makam - Samsara 2.(B) Inxec & Matt Tolfrey - Never In Doubt 3.©Alejandro Mosso - Grinding Love 4.(D) Douglas Greed - Dynamit (feat. Kuss) 5.(E)wAFF - BeatMakerZ 6.(F) Temma Teje - Nueva 7.(G) Kyle Geiger - The Comedown 8.(H) Gary Beck - Stranger 9. (I) Ray Kajioka - Never Ending 10.(J)Mind Against - Argo 11.(K) Tuff City Kids - Meshnerize 12.(L) Julien Bracht - Anthem Rhythm Welcome back to the Cocoon Recordings headquarter. We are proud to present the next chapter of our infamous compilation-series and believe or not: It’s “M” already! Covered in the known and beloved package-design but all in pink this time… dreamy and pretty and that’s the way to start the music here, too. Dutch based sushitech-producer Makam presents a dreamy opening track that is without any doubt the perfect start for this compilation. Warm harmonies and dropping sounds open up the door for track number two by Matt Tolfrey and Inxec: “Never in doubt” continues where Makam stopped however Tolfreys and Inxecs harmonies and the moody atmosphere meet a solid beat programming and merge down to a pushing piece of music that could have seen the day of light in Detoit, the inofficial techno-capital. Alejandro Mosso joins the club with the third number of our M compilation and he opens up a bag full of positive energy and happiness. With a slight Cadenza-feeling his tune is made for the next beach-party and perfect for all you Âme-fans out there. “Grinding Love” want you to move, forget and dance till you sweat! Douglas Greed steps back a bit on the energy scale but adds more craziness to the package with his production. “Dynamite” is a freaky piece of tech-house in a cool Green Velvet style. Sounds, lyrics and the whole programming come pretty close to the lala-land-masters big hits. A cool tune with not very usual ingredients and for sure a great one!

play from Sven Vath on cocoon terrace 15/07

On Sven Vath's Sound Of The 14th Season