Nick Höppner  - Red Hook Soil EP on Ostgut Ton

Nick Höppner - Red Hook Soil EP

Ostgut Ton [DE] | O-TON 69 / 880319628719 - Jan. 27, 2014

Vinyl || Techno

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Red Hook Soil
Bait & Tackle

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With the "Red Hook Soil EP" Nick Höppner delivers a complex, many-facetted record. On the A-side Nick opens in a classic style, but "Red Hook Soil" quickly develops a modern, atmospheric mood. Tender stabs, soft synth washes and a metallic groove complement each other in surprising harmony. Ê The B-side opens with "Bait & Tackle" which creates a darker vibe. The track builds a bridge between genres within its driving beat, the inspired use of percussion, bass and synths with trance borrowings suceeds in creating an unexpectly gripping combination. Ê On the final track "Decal" industrial sounds and rich, hissing background noise meet pushing hi-hats over a dry, rolling kick drum, Nick adds sublte variations at the deepest levels throughout and so maintains a perfect balance and flow, creating a rich texture.

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