Daniel Stefanik - Confidence (Remixes) on Cocoon

Daniel Stefanik - Confidence (Remixes)

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12107 - Aug. 26, 2013

Vinyl || Tech House

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Confidence (Adam Port Remix)
Keep On (Mathias Kaden's Brother In Crime Remix)
Confidence (Mr. G's Warm Mix)
Bend the Rules (Legowelt Remix)

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UPC: 827170496163 Release: 05.08.2013 Tracklist: (A1) Confidence - Adam Port Remix; (A2) Keep On - Mathias Kaden’s Brother In Crime Remix; (B1) Confidence - Mr. G’s Warm Mix; (B2) Bend the Rules - Legowelt Remix Daniel Stefanik generated some buzz this year with his latest album release on Cocoon Recordings. And he prooved with a number of outstanding DJ-sets over the last weeks that he progressed to a well respected and some of the “most wanted” artists around. We are happy to have the Leipzig house hero aboard and we are proud to announce the long awaited remix-12″ featuring remixes by Adam Port, Mr. G, Mathias Kaden and Legowelt. All four delivered outstanding mixes and we are not only saying this because we have to. Let’s begin with Adam Port’s remix for “Confidence” in which he delivers a real deep and housey gem with cool Moodyman-like elements. The dark bassline could also be found in a Carl-Craig-Mix and creates a deep arrangement with lots of space and room. However don’t sit back and relax as Adam Ports manages it to conjure a hedonistic and energetic tune that will for sure set floors on fire this summer! Although this Adam Port remix seems to be different to the ones we know at first glance it turns out to be one of his best works ever so far! Another “Adam Port sure shot!” >>> Mathias Kaden, Stefanik’s dj-partner-in-crime, builds his remix for “Brothers in Crime” on a very solid and pumping NY-housebeat that creates a decent amount of power and energy. The synths and the dub chords on top make this arrangement complete and close to perfection when it comes to merge house and techno. This one will be heard in many DJ-sets this summer for sure! >>> Mr. G is following the house route here, too however he creates an atmosphere closer to the one on Stefanik’s album. He incorporates more oldskool elements such as straight forward 909-hihats and cymbals which results in a driving piece of housemusic. The filtered strings on top create a dark and fogg.


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