Various Artists - Cocoon Ibiza 2013 on Cocoon

Various Artists - Cocoon Ibiza 2013

Cocoon [DE] | CORMIX 044 - Aug. 12, 2013

CD || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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UPC: 827170132429 Release: 29. Juli 2013 Tracklisting: CD 1 1. Terekke - Amaze2. Henrik Bergqvist - Go for what hurts 3. A Sagittariun - The Circle Stops Somewhere (MD2 MELLO MIX) 4. Ryan Elliot - Still Steppin 5. Head High - Keep on Talking 6. Dj Qu - Undescribed2 (She’s blank) 7. Cosmin TRG - Semipresent 8. Trus’me - Somebody 9. Henrik Schwarz - When Things Are Difficult 10. Parris Mitchel - Near My Eyes (Cassy Remix) 11. Ritzi Lee - Reverse Processed 12. Benjamin Damage - 010x 13. Mathew Jonson - 911, How Can I Help You? 14. Omar S / Parris Mitchell - It’s Money in the D / Follow me Ghetto (Acid) Acapella CD 2 1. Alejandro Mosso - Selva 2. Alejandro Mosso - Yguasu 3. Alejandro Mosso - Aconcagua 4. Alejandro Mosso - Tupungato 5. Christian Sol - Kids At Work (Alejandro Mosso Remix) 6. Alejandro Mosso - Unreleased 7. Alejandro Mosso - Nightwalker 8. Alejandro Mosso - Grinding Love 9. Alejandro Mosso - Cashmere face facts, there hardly has been a “summer” for us here in middle europe this year and this makes us all even more desperate to listen to “the sound of summer” at least. And here it is, the official cocoonid6099765 New Release Information soundtrack for all you warm heartet sunfeaks and island-hoppers out there. Please welcome Ilario Alicante and Alejandro Mosso on the new cocoon ibiza double-cd-feature. Let’s start with the Italian Ilario Alicante and his DJ-mix to get the immediate scoop of what makes this guy so special: We cannot describe it other than saying this mix rules! Strong but relaxed at the same time with a good variation and xxl deepness in the selection makes this mix a great house-excursion. This is the sound of hot summer nights and happy people dancing til the morning. You can imagine this very special “summer party vibe” while listening to Ilario’s mix which incorporates the right elements such as emotional piano-breaks, cool vocal-samples, kicking house-beats and hypnotic basslines. Ilario Alicante is known for his energetic minimal-