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Nakai Pop (Ambient Version)
Home Again feat. Heiko Voss

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Berlin's best-known secret and a sucker for melodies, DAVE DK is certainly no stranger to the motions of the club crowd: having long been associated with Sasse's Moodmusic imprint, he is responsible for an impressive crop of much-acclaimed dance releases ranging from the tender to the ardent. Now, the seasoned producer presents the PALMAILLE EP on KOMPAKT, a delightful amalgam of swathing synths and heart-warming beats. Starting off with title track PALMAILLE, DAVE DK wastes no time and cuts directly to the action, in this case a welcomingly grooving exhibit flush with epic strings and dabs of mouth-watering melancholy. A perfect cut for moments of all intensities, it revolves around a delectably simple motive owing as much to the wonky sampledelics of early KOMPAKT techno ballads as it does to the more recent antics of deep house.

PALMAILLE is worthily followed by NAKAI POP AMBIENT VERSION, a finely tuned dash of beatless bliss that offers countless access points for merry immersion. Slowly gliding along on a wholesome bassline, jets of shiny sound paint a fragile, yet uplifting picture, not unlike falling stars in the nocturnal sky. A comprehensive piece of music, it also serves as a beautiful introduction to HOME AGAIN, the third and closing track of the PALMAILLE EP. For HOME AGAIN, DAVE DK secured the vocal help of HEIKO VOSS, co-founder of Cologne's legendary Firm Records and one half of KOMPAKT veterans Schaeben & Voss. The result is a timeless house gem brimming with warm pads and gracefully fashioned percussion, proving once again that electronic music is a matter of both precision and emotion - a tough juggling act for any club release. Which is why it's such a pleasure to see it as fully realized as here.