Harvey Mckay - Cinnamon Kiss on Cocoon

Harvey Mckay - Cinnamon Kiss

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12108 - Feb. 9, 2015

Vinyl || Melodic House & Techno / Deep Tech

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Cinnamon Kiss
Push It

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UPC: 827170522664 Release: 30.09.2013 Tracklist: (A1) Cinnamon Kiss (B1) Push It Harvey McKay is back on the track, and stronger and harder than ever before! His last release for Cocoon climbed to the top position in the Beatport charts and stayed there for quite some time and it was about time that the drumcode- and soma-recordings producers returns to Cocoon. And the wait was worth it as he manages it to bang the drums even more with his new release! “Cinnamon Kiss” brings us spicey cinammon flavour for the colder days & nights that need to be heated up in all the clubs again after this super hot (but short) summer. A massive tech-house-tune with cool oldskool house chords and cool break downs that will put raverhands up in the air. However there is even more here waiting for you as “Push It” does what the names says and pushes the beat even higher! This tune is energy loaded and will power your legs to dance, dance and dance. A pumping techno monster that even features a little D-Shake sample for the ones who know. Pure Testosterone and a clear message: Get on the floor and get crazy! One for the big raves!

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