Mauro Picotto & Ricardo Ferri - The Rif on Cocoon

Mauro Picotto & Ricardo Ferri - The Rif

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12109 - Jan. 6, 2014

Vinyl || Techno

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The Riff
Don't Wake Him

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UPC: 827170522763 Release: 21.10.2013 Tracklist: (A1) The Riff (B1) EMP (B2) Don’t Wake Him You still find them, these stories of a producer handing over a demo-CD-R to the DJ in the limelight hoping he will listen to it. And imagine all this on Ibiza, in a full club madness all around with long after hours following and even hotter days waiting. How many CD-Rs got lost in this universe of madness? However, this story here has a different ending. Mauro Picotto & Ricardo Ferri gave it a try and handed Sven Väth a Dubplate over while going crazy at a massive Cocoon night in Ibiza. And Sven saved it and made sure it will see the daylight. He checked the demo right after the night was over and loved it from the first second. Since then the Dubplate have been part of Sven’s sets and will now even see the release on Cocoon Recordings! So here we are, presenting Mauro Picotto’s and Ricardo Ferri’s release “The Riff". And the message of this release is clear: Cool but lush house beats with the right amount of techno added, merging with hypnotic synths and monster basslines that force you to dance, dance and dance! Get crazy, get lost, forget where you are, shake your head and feel the vibe! These guys know what they want and how they get it! Sure, Mauro Picotto is a master of all things hedonistic techno, however, this gem is one of his best productions ever! Their second track “EMP” proves this even more, as this is another masterpiece of techno-madness! A track that will trigger the right nerves of Pig&Dan and Argy fans, built on a funky and shuffling beat with a modulating bassline that leaves no space to escape. This one will get you on the floor and keep you there forever! This is pure acid thunder that will make small dark clubs move as well as big rave floors.Their last tune “Don’t Wake Him” shows the deeper side of Mauro Picotto and Riccardo Ferri. Almost relaxed but still highly floor-orientated this one is loaded with emotions, features vocal samples and string