Sven Všth In The Mix - The Sound Of The 14th Season on Cocoon

Sven Všth In The Mix - The Sound Of The 14th Season

Cocoon [DE] | CORMIX 045 - Dec. 16, 2013

CD || Techno

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UPC: 827170134126 Release : 18th November 2013 Tracklist: CD 1 1.Isoleee - Allowance 2.Lusine - Lucky (Jeremy Greenspan Remix) 3.The Mole - Lockdown Party (Sprinkles’ Crossfaderama) 4.Ricardo Villalobos - Arild 5.Markus Fix - Wanna Let You Go 6.Renato Figoli - Underpool (Losoul Remix) 7.Viktor Shan - How You Want It 8.The Superior Inferior - Echelon XIII (John Heckle’s Interpretation 1) 9.Daniel Stefanik - Confidence (Adam Port Remix) 10.Soy Mustafa - Bug In The Bassbin 11.Gebruüder Teichmann feat. Foremost Poets - Time’s Almost Up (Losoul’s Altered Poetry Version) 12.The Third Man - Double Dawn CD 2 1. Henrik Schwarz - Take Words In Return (Return Version) 2. Ten Walls - Gotham 3.DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures - No One Gets Left Behind (Konstantin Sibold Remix) 4.Matt John - The Keys 5.Butch - Desert Storm 6.Roman Flu?gel - More Is Not Enough (Heaven or Hell?) 7.Makam - Lion King 8.wAFF - BeatMakerZ 9.Nihad Tule - Shatter 10.Psyk - Arcade 11.Developer - Drive Themes 12.Len Faki & Johannes Heil - The Octopuss For fourteen years the island Ibiza has been haunted by Cocoons high-spirited tribe. In 2013, Cocoon turned the beloved Amnesia into a tropical jungle. The jungle seduces with lush colors and intriguing sounds. Without hesitation you dive into lush greens, amazed by heat and beauty. The sun beaming, wind rushing through, unimaginable beasts roaring in the distance - it might all seem a bit too intense. You might feel lost. Beauty turns into dreariness, an adventure becomes a nightmare. But there is sound, a call. It is as a groove, gentle yet firm, elegant but demanding. These beats lead you through the adventure. The creator of this groove is no one else than techno ambassador Sven Väth. Mr. Väth is not only merging the new sounds of electronic music´s most prolific producers into one big experience. He is also the host of the whole event, using music, dance, performance, pyrotechnics and set design to create an integral experience. As a kee