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Cupid's Head (Vatican Shadow Mix)
Cupid's Head (Barker & Baumecker Mix)
Cupid's Head (Sonns Mix)

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Last year was brimming with serious label highlights, but if we were forced to pick one, we might go with THE FIELD's much-celebrated CUPID'S HEAD (KOMPAKT 290), a crowning achievement for a producer whose track record already boasts an impressive quantity of masterly crafted full-lengths. With CUPID'S HEAD REMIXE I, we start a limited 12" remix series gauging the reach of THE FIELD's unique brand of looped bliss: the first applicants include leftfield luminaries VATICAN SHADOW, BARKER & BAUMECKER and SONNS - a diverse, yet tremendously becoming selection of fellow artists from all corners of the electronic universe.

CUPID'S HEAD REMIXE I opens with a surprisingly docile revamp of the album's title track by Dominick Fernow aka VATICAN SHADOW. You may know this exceptional producer from one of his other similarly expressive monikers (Exploring Jezebel, Tortured Hooker, Machinegun Warfare, Nuclear Pig Shit, Christmas Trees - the list is endless), but it's with this project that Dominick made most waves in the last years, resulting for example in the powerful "Ornamented Walls" album on tastemaker imprint Modern Love. Here, we catch him dialing back the noise and the grit to create a well-tempered synth essay where the dreamy and the sinister share equal airplay.

The second rework comes from Ostgut Ton's freeform punters BARKER & BAUMECKER and hits the ground running with an ultra-kinetic breakbeat pattern that perpetually raises the tension. Interspersed by small pockets of release, this majestic cut sticks close to the source's melodic intents and underpins the excellent reputation of its originators as versatile and inquisitive craftspeople. The closing track of the record is engineered by SONNS, the solo project of

Split Secs' Alexandre Mouracade - it's the floor-ready secret weapon in the package and a deliberately thumping take on THE FIELD's meandering loopscapes. As such, it rightfully occupies the entirety of the flipside and tops off an impressive collection of absorbing remixes for CUPID'S HEAD.