Rar - Hool Ep on Cocoon

Rar - Hool Ep

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12114 - Feb. 24, 2014

Vinyl || Techno

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Do We
The Tool

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UPC: 827170530263 Release: 24.02.2014 Tracklist: (A1) Hool (B1) Do We (B2) The Tool Cocoon Recordings keeps on celebrating the arrival of the new year and with our second release in 2014 we present RAR’s first 12″ for Cocoon Recordings. “RAR” is the current project joint of RAMPA and RE.YOU who made large waves last year with releases like “Everything” by RAMPA on “Keinemusik” - one of 2013s top tunes! 2013 saw also RARs first work for Cocoon Recordings with their “Cocoon Compilation L” contribution “Yeah Yeah Yeah” (feat.: Meggy) which turned into a heavy clubhit, too. Since then the two joined the Cocoon Artist Booking department and their first tour is about to start in a couple of days. Their new Cocoon Recordings release is a cool teaser for what to expect life-on-stage from RAR and features three berlin-morning-flavoured minimal house tunes. Imagine yourself sunday morning at 7am in the Panoramabar and Ricardo Villalobos drops “Do We” by RAR. If you ever eyewitnessed one of these nights and wish to get back there here’s your soundtrack to do so.