Daniel Stefanik - Signs on Cocoon

Daniel Stefanik - Signs

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12119 - Sep. 1, 2014

Vinyl || Melodic House & Techno / Deep Tech

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UPC: 827170556768 Release: 04.08.2014 Tracklist: (A) Signs (B) Illuminations Info: Stefanik is a phenomenon! On the one side he is that crazy-cool party animal with amazing DJ-skills. His DJ-sets feature a wide variation of techno-, house- and minimal tunes all mixed up in a fresh and easy way that almost no one can escape from. On the other side he is this über-talented producer who sometimes doesn’t sound like his DJ-sets at all. On his recent album for Cocoon Recordings Stefanik painted musical pictures of different moods and for different moments. A soundtrack for people living in the modern club world of cities like Berlin or London. Days of joy and sun vs. grey and cold mornings or foggy and dusty club nights, there was something for everybody and every moment. However with his new release on Cocoon Recordings Stefanik proofs how versatile he is as a producers by creating a vibe that refers more to his DJ-sets. Stefanik melts down different club music ingredients to one unique mix here. We hear influences from Detroit, Chicago and Berlin mixed up in identical quantities. Deeper house meet masculine basslines ("Signs") and pitched-up Inner-City-like-beats merge with driving hi-hats and chopped up vocal-samples before the whole arrangement receives a proper 90s UK-styled synthesizer-polish ("Illuminations"). This is big, this is pure and it breathes energy. Thanx Mr. Stefanik for this nice mix-up of 25 years of house and techno however all sounding fresh and modern. This only works with technomusic kids!

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