Eddoh - This Summer on House Is Ok

Eddoh - This Summer

House Is Ok [DE] | HIOK 005 - Aug. 18, 2014

Vinyl || House / Deep House

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Eddoh - This Summer
Eddoh - Love Echoes
Eddoh - This Summer (Oliver Achatz feat. D'Lonely Al's AcidDreamResurrection Remix)

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Tracklist: A1: Eddoh - This Summer. A2: Eddoh - Love Echoes, B1: Eddoh - This Summer (Oliver Achatz feat. D’Lonely Al’s AcidDreamResurrection Remix) UPC: 827170560666 ; Release : 11.08.2014 House Is OK is proud to announce the label debut from young greek god Christos Mavridis aka Eddoh! Two originals and a remix by label boss Oliver Achatz, who teamed up with keyboarder Daniel Nentwig aka D’Lonely Al, will bring purely good vibes to dancefloors. Lead track “This Summer” praises the lovely rainy days of summer time and will get your feet working instantly, while your head bangs “grooveliciously". “Love Echoes” brings that kind of deepness to the floor, we here at House Is OK HQ are looking for and adds that extra ingredient to your “househead” DJ sets. Oli takes “This Summer” over to his sunny side of the street. A steady rhythm that leads to his dreamy signature sound, spiced up with some special synth action by Daniel. A house romance for summers lovers. Kissing on the beach included!

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