Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation N (CD) on Cocoon

Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation N (CD)

Cocoon [DE] | CORCD 036 - Aug. 25, 2014

CD || Techno

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UPC: 827170144026 Release: 25. August 2014 Tracklisting: CD / LP 1. (A) Konstantin Sibold & Leif Müller - Kolibri 2. (B) Julian Perez - Over The Rain 3. © Markus Fix - Geischa 4. (D) Aril Brikha & Vince Watson - VA2 5. (E) Alan Fitzpatrick - For Fear Tonight Is All 6. (F) Cavaan - Wildness 7. (G) Truncate - Workout 8. (H) Sam Paganini - Labyrinth 9. (I) Lucy - Luminous 10. (J) Villanova - Les Gobelins 11. (K) Ripperton - Wet Dreams 12. (L) Ricardo Tobar - Gambetta - Vinyl Box-Set limited to 500 copies + includes the Compilation on CD - Time is running…and it seems like we just woke up out of our interstellar sleep-mode as we are facing the arrival of the 14th edition of the almighty COCOON RECORDINGS COMPILATION. Starting with the letter “A” we reached “N” meanwhile which probably marks one of the longest running techno-compilation-series ever around. The list of the featured artists is amazing and almost endless. Big names like Funk D’Void, Alter Ego, Michael Mayer, Steve Bug, DJ Rush, Adam Port, Christian Smith, Nina Kravitz, Henrik Schwarz or Argy can be found here. Not to forget some of the biggest players in the circus like Sven Väth, Anthony Rother, Extrawelt, Timo Mass, Radio Slave or Ricardo Villalobos, DJ Koze, Dubfire and even Berlin’s Basic Channel mastermind Moritz Von Oswald! With the new “Compilation N” we will add even more big names side by side to some fresh and promising ones. Let’s start with Konstantin Sibold & Leif Müller who gave us “Kolibri", a great slowed down techno-tune that brings us back to the high days of Alter Ego when Harthouse released big listening and electronica albums. Track number two by Julian Perez follows that feeling and explores the deep and dubby sides of techno, too. A perfect transition to Frankfurt homeboy Markus Fix. It’s dub again however spiced up with hypnotic strings and a clubby kickdrum shaking our bass bins! With track number four, “Compilation N” opens the door to proper and kicking club music.