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Patience Please

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Maeve is a record label run by three close friends, Mano Le Tough, The Drifter and Baikal. With Maeve 05 we are delighted to welcome Matthew Dekay into the group. Matthew is a great fit, lining up nicely alongside his fellow Dutchman Baikal with his meticulously detailed hypnotic sound. The Amity EP is comprised of two wholly engrossing dance floor statements. A side Fangtango is an infectious summer moment, with a heartfelt string progression underpinned by rolling percussion and a big kick. B side Patience Please rolls a whole lot deeper, reeling the listener in and building tension with atmospheric vocals, bass throbs and organ stabs which fragment and resolve before a moment of epic release.


Sven Vath plays


On Sven Vath's The Sound Of The 16th Season

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