Various Artists - V - 5 Years Of Artefacts Chapter 2 on Stroboscopic Artefacts

Various Artists - V - 5 Years Of Artefacts Chapter 2

Stroboscopic Artefacts [DE] | SA5YEARS 02 - Apr. 28, 2019

Vinyl || Techno

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A: Zeitgeber - Totemism
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B: L.B Dub Corp - Take it Down Again (In Dub)

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Barcode: 827170567467 Release: 03.11.2014 Tracklist: 1 - Zeitgeber - Totemism 2 - L.B Dub Corp - Take it Down Again (In Dub) Short info: Zeitgeber and L.B Dub Corp split the second in Stroboscopic Artefacts’ series of fifth anniversary records. Zeitgeber is the collaborative project of SA label boss Lucy and Dutch techno royalty Speedy J. Their joint alias birthed an exceptional long-player last year and has since been presented as a b2b act at festivals and clubs around the world. ‘Totemism’ is their first officially released output since that album, and is every bit as compelling. ‘Totemism’ opens with distant, reverberating bells and a thin film of hiss and crackle. But, one minute in, heavy and incessant drums cut through the ambience, hitting you straight in the chest. The surrounding atmosphere evolves and filters in-and-out of the mix until, halfway through, the track takes an unexpected turn with an elastic bassline and acid squelches. Then, the drums hit you again. This is an 11 minute masterclass in widescreen, narrative techno from two of the scene’s most experienced and inventive producers. Luke Slater, a man of many aliases, slips into L.B Dub Corp mode for the B-side of this record. This particular moniker of Slater’s generally trades in raw, culturally-inspired house music, though has also appeared on Stroboscopic’s Stellate series with two deep and beatless dubs. For his contribution to SA’s 5 Year anniversary, Slater re-visits a classic club cut of his own, delivering ‘Take It Down Again (In Dub)’. ‘Take It Down Again’ is a brilliantly-realised exercise in tension, dub delay and mixing board creativity, all made to shine by a dose of oddball musicality and sampling. This version of 2010’s ‘Take It Down’ is more restrained and tonally varied, equipped to instil a brooding and tribal darkness on the floor. Slater relinquishing the sonic precision of his other aliases gives L.B Dub Corp a unique and authentic feel; this suits the track’s natural-sou