K-Hand / Claude Young - Everybody / You Give Me on Acacia Records

K-Hand / Claude Young - Everybody / You Give Me

Acacia Records [UK] | AR 011 - Nov. 19, 2019

Vinyl || Classics

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A: K-Hand - Everybody
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B1: Claude Young - You Give Me (Dub)
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B2: Claude Young - You Give Me (Instrumental)

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"Everybody / You Give Me" is another slamming slab of Detroit Techno from 1993 on Kelli Hands Acacia Records imprint. Kelli Hand kicks off side A with a heavy, looping monster of a track punctuated by vocal stabs exclaiming "Everybody, everybody", this is rough and tough Detroit business, an excellent DJ tool that keeps the funk strong throughout, a devastating dance-floor record of the highest order. Over on the flip we have the legendary Claude Young who turns in two mixes of "You Give Me", a futuristic sounding groove, stripped back and funky with tight, choppy drum programming and clipped vocal samples weaving in and out of the mix, this one is another sure fire weapon and featured here are the dub mix and the instrumental. This 12" has long been sought after and has changed hands for £50 and upwards on-line, this is the first time it has been re-mastered, re-pressed and re-released, all in conjunction with Kelli Hand and featuring the original 1993 artwork. An essential addition to any self respecting Detroit fanatics record collection and an indispensable record to have in the bag for any DJ.