Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut - Souls (Generic Black sleeve) on Cocoon

Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut - Souls (Generic Black sleeve)

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12123 - Apr. 18, 2015

Vinyl || Techno

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UPC: 827170568860 Release: 15.12.2014 Tracklist: (A1) Intuition (A2) Souls (B1) Hectic Info: Johannes Heil and Markus Suckut team up for the new Cocoon Release and what they came up with is simply amazing! A techno monster! The two high profile producers seem to merge various techno influences out of the last 15 years here but they manage it to do this with their very own hand writing. The opening track “Intuition” appears like Robert Hood and Speedy J helped out triggering the right sounds in the studio. However, you shouldn’t expect a copycat or a remake here at all - “Intuition” is not just another wannabe dirty retro thing. The sound is fresh, the synths are clear and warm and the 909 beat programming doesn’t need any distortion to make you go crazy. Track number two “Souls” follows that basic vibe. There is the fresh 909 again jumping around that forces us to move our bodies on the dancefloor. However it is not Detroit that shines through here this time. “Souls” seem to be the perfect choice for fans of Slams “Positive Education". There is some Mosaic and even Drumcode in here. And again… it’s the flavour that makes the taste, no copycat and no retro attack. Heil and Suckut just give us something back that was missed for so long. Good, solid techno with a soulful touch and cool sounds - with an improved quality and programming. Track number three “Hectic” makes this picture complete. Heil & Suckut stay true to the basic vibe of this release and “Hectic” should make all fans of Richie Hawtin, Plastikman and Plus8 happy. We don’t know what you will think about this release but for us here at Cocoon this release is one of THE techno-records of the year! Thanx guys… please give us more of this, it was about time!

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