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Chambre Bleue
The Era Of The Leopard
Don't Put Your Fingers In The Socket

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Following stunning solo releases from Julienne Dessagne aka The Twins and Sascha Funke, revered techno balladeers SASCHIENNE reunite for a stunning offering called GOLDEN PRINTS, a gorgeous set of synth-driven, beat-bound soundscapes rich in atmosphere and suspense.

It's a kind of unruly romanticism that perfuses the budding techno scenarios from SASCHIENNE, often starting with a deceptively simple hook - which slowly evolves into a tense drama as abrasive as it is therapeutic. GOLDEN PRINTS is no different, smudging the volatile faultlines between anthemic electronics, cyber folk and industrial drones from the get-go.

The A-side's double bill kicks off with the crawling synths from CHAMBRE BLEUE, a dusty, introspective vignette whose increasingly queasy mood is balanced by Julienne's self-assured narration and an unswerving bass line. THE ERA OF THE LEOPARD continues the trek through barren lands with a strong instinct for survival, embodied by its sunburnt guitar licks, throbbing bass and resonant leads.

The flipside belongs to the somewhat ominously titled DON'T PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THE SOCKET, an exquisite arrangement of contorted feedback loops, foreboding synth sequences and a relentlessly mechanical beat. Short vocal interjections seem to only further the mystique, merely containing the seemingly erratic outbursts of a cut deliberately spiralling out of control. This is music for adventures and other transgressions, undiluted and unfaltering - an exciting new release from two people who know which way to twist the knife.