Matias Aguayo - El Rudo Del House Round Two on

Matias Aguayo - El Rudo Del House Round Two

- Apr. 27, 2015

Vinyl || Melodic House & Techno / Deep Tech

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El Rudo strikes four times in 2015 starting with ROUND ONE in March… and continuing with: ROUND TWO (13th APRIL 2015) - ROUND THREE (18th MAY 2015) - ROUND FOUR (15th JUNE 2015)

The four 'Rounds' total 17 tracks, with locked grooves of field recordings from Aguayo's Rudo adventures, on coloured vinyl 12"s. Each Round features a life-sized El Rudo mask that you must copy, disseminate to friends, and wear at your gatherings (and Aguayo's live shows!) to invoke the spirit of El Rudo. El Rudo del House is the quake rattling your organized home. El Rudo del House is the spirit occupying the club and laying dormant in your body… till now, brought out by heavy commercial promotion and hopefully eventually sponsored - according to the new underground strategies of marketplace infiltration. Starting in March 2015, and continuing now...

ROUND TWO (16th March 2015)

Track Notes: A1 - TOMADA 128 BPM - "This disco is taken over!" exclaims El Rudo. Reclaiming the dancefloor for the dancers, in this heavyweight soundsystem jam with claps designed creating the illusion of being spanked (in a good way) once you find the right position: between the speakers.

A2 - 69 GROUND FLOOR LEFT 120 BPM - Here we can listen and dance to pounding tom drums, and the "69 Ground Floor Left!" announcement from a giant airport hall. Hosting industrial machinery plus a warm and dry sound that is characteristic for this series!

B1 - GATO DISCO 120 BPM - "The Disco Cat", with its bouncy Tabla rhythm and its rave stabs, was dubbed the mascot for this EP and inspiring the mask as well as the feline moves that represent the artwork for this release.

B2 - LOCA DANCE 130 BPM – This is an energetic uptempo house rhythm designed for dancefloors with strobes and smoke machines.

B3 - ESE POMPIN 123 BPM – A pounding rhythm for the skillful DJ, who will be able to spice up any track with this irresistible beat 'that pumps!'