Lucy And Klock - War Lullaby on Stroboscopic Artefacts

Lucy And Klock - War Lullaby

Stroboscopic Artefacts [DE] | SA 024 - Apr. 28, 2019

Vinyl || Techno

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The debut collaboration between techno alchemists Ben Klock and Lucy will probably provoke quivers of anticipation before a single note has been heard. After all, both producers have carved out names for themselves as scene innovators at what they do, and both have already proven that they can more than capably work in a duo format without sacrificing an iota of their unique aesthetics: in Lucy's case, there has already been the sublime Zeitgeber pairing with Speedy J., and Klock has joined forces with the likes of Marcel Dettmann to craft some of the more memorable output from the Ostgut Ton label. This new release makes good on each producer's talent for working with epically unfolding tracks, maintaining a strong command of both 'drone' and melodicism, and envisioning sound as a kind of inter-dimensional mass transit. As the record indicates, things can get very interesting when the two working methods superimpose perfectly, but can be just as interesting when the two fall slightly out of phase with one another.
Listeners familiar with the classic kosmische feel will be taken immediately by the opening gambit "Bliss," whose feeling of floating through the coldness of space is accompanied here by nicely warm production values. The bassline that introduces the subsequent track ("War Lullaby") is close to being a continuation of the opener's leitmotif sequence, although with a change in atmosphere that will keep curious ears from turning away too soon: an FX-shrouded voice delivers a monologue at once seductive and foreboding, followed by a confident kick thump with ephemeral trailing clatters in tow. This affective orientation pulses through the whole record well, building up to the second rhythmic track ("Santeria") which is the busiest and most engaging of the bunch. Here a variety of sonic flavorings are ritually thrown into the pot and allowed to simmer - fleeting snatches of conga, phasing zaps and rhythmic ricochets all make for a rich concoction that epitomizes the progress that has been made in techno music within this decade. The closing "A Ghost Love story," like the opener, is a non-'dance' piece, but is no less compelling for that fact: as a foam of white noise pans between the listener's ears, a slurred / pitch-bent refrain conjures the feeling of either entering or exiting from some erotically tinged hypnagogic state.
Speaking of which, the overall impression given off by this record is that of a special kind of reciprocity: that is, of dreams influencing reality and reality feeding back into dreams. The rhythmic intensity of these tracks, at once an indicator of a hard and immediate reality, is regularly complemented by oneiric flourishes that make the partitioning line between these two realms of consciousness less distinct. As the next chapter in the Stroboscopic Artefacts saga, and in the personal journeys of both Ben Klock and Lucy, it will contribute to the ongoing mission of all these parties: giving longtime fans what they want while expanding their consciousness and inquisitiveness.

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Rrose: ‘’Love...’’
Etapp Kyle: ‘’Outstanding release. In love with 'Bliss'. Thanks!’’
Anthony Parasole: '''Santeria' is badass thanks!''
Âme: ''I like!!!!''
Jeroen Search: ''Very cool stuff!!''
Svreca / Semantica: '''Bliss' and 'Santeria' are my favourites here.''
Cio D´Or: ''What a perfect fitting co_creation: Marvelous!''
Speedy J: ''Thanks.''
Ø [Phase]: ''Provoked quivers of anticipation before a single note was heard. Thanks!''
Edit Select: ''Thanks for these will play 'War Lullaby' nice groove goin on ..''
Dustin Zahn: ''This is a great EP! All tracks have pristine attention and quality to them. 'War Lullaby' is instantly my new opening track. I can imagine a lot of good feedback coming from this EP. I'm sure some people will say some bad words but honestly, these people were never going to be happy with any results anyway. Good job!''
Inigo Kennedy: ''Some nice soundscapes and interesting design here. Good stuff!''
Jonas Kopp: 'Great one! Thanks.'
Rødhåd: ‘’Downloading for proper listening thanks.’’
Norman Nodge: ''Nice collaboration, not sure about the title track but I love the atmosphere of 'A Ghost Lovestory'.'''
Chris Liebing: "Thanks.''
Trevino: ''Top notch EP..''
Ben UFO: ''Thanks.''
Max_M: ''Nice collab EP, fav are 'Bliss' and 'A Ghost Lovestory'.''
Joseph Capriati: ''Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.''
Dystopian: ''Will check.''
Par Grindvik: ''Feeling them, thanks.''
Chevel: ''Great works. Big up Luca and Ben!''
Brendon Moeller: ''Superb trax. Like them all.''
Darko Esser // Tripeo: ''Sounds like a very fruitful collab.''
Samuli Kemppi: ''Nice laid back sounds. 'War Lullaby' is my pick. Will play. Thanks!''
Go Hiyama: ''Always unique sounds from SA. 'Santeria' is best for me. I'll play. Thanks.''
Truncate: ''Nice collab! Solid tunes!''
Lakker: ''Loving 'Bliss', thanks!
Iori: ''Great stuff!''
Markus Suckut: '''War Lullaby' is nice.''
Francois X: ''Interesting combination!''
Ness: ''Enjoyed this one all tracks have different feelings, good combo! Thank you.''
DJ Hyperactive: ''Feeling the first 2 tracks, and 'Ghost Lovestory' super dreamy. Nice...!''
Dave Miller / Abstract Division: ''I like the soundscape stuff on this one!''
Electric Indigo: '''Bliss' is my favorite, thanks a lot!''
Dimi Angelis: ''Interesting stuff. Will check out more proper in the studio.''
Bleak: ''Mystic sounds all over! 'Santeria' is my pic. Thanks.''
Sandrien: ''What a cool combination! Love the whole EP, 'Santeria' is my fave.''
Orde Meikle: ''Super strong release - visionary – thanx.''
Angel Molina: '''Santeria' (for playing) and 'A Ghost Lovestory' (really nice exp. track) are my selection on this interesting EP. Probably less danceable than expected, but quality stuff in any case. Thanks.''
Blue Hour: ''Nice listening, thanks.''
Rebekah: ''As expected a great collab here, 'War Lullaby' to play and the others to enjoy :) Thank you!''
Exium: ''Good stuff, thanks.''
Arnaud Le Texier: ''Nice deep atmospheric tracks! Cool collaboration :)''
Mary Velo: ''War Lullaby' is the one for me!''
Richie Hawtin: ''Downloaded for R Hawtin.''
Kwartz / PoleGroup: '''Santeria' is my pick for my sets, but the whole EP is fantastic. Full support, thanks.''
Donor: '''Bliss' and 'War Lullaby' are excellent!''
Freddy K: ''Thanks.’'