The Silent Ones - The Magical Party on Kompakt

The Silent Ones - The Magical Party

Kompakt [DE] | KOMPAKT 346 / 880319807015 - Nov. 6, 2015

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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The Magical Party (Jonas Bering Mix)
The Magical Party (Ben Watts aka Blakwood Mix)
The Magical Party

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French duo THE SILENT ONES aka Aalik and Fred Traverso have specialized in their own brand of indie-infused electronic pop, putting a modern spin on vintage cold wave and minimal synth influences. MAGICAL PARTY is a prime example for their distinct melange of swirling melodies and catchy songwriting, an iridescent piece of dreamy musical drama with lots of charm. Known as incurable romanticist, fellow countryman JONAS BERING was the obvious choice for a remix, finally returning to Kompakt after his 2008 release CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU (KOMPAKT 172) - his immersive rework successfully trims the vocals and transplants the original's delicacy into a deep, but buoyant mover geared up for the distinguished floor. Pushing for a trance-inducing throb, the BEN WATTS mix is a fitting companion cut, promoting a slightly bouncier approach and seasoning its propulsive beats with tension-building synths for that special whiff of epic broadness.