House Of Balck Dress - I Wasn

House Of Balck Dress - I Wasn't Always This Way

Gourmet [] | GOUR 028 - Aug. 10, 2005

Vinyl || House / Deep House

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Jak Mix
Telectro Mix

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HOBD is Nathan Drew Larsenâ??s new project.  Mr. Larsen is responsible for some of the most unique and interesting house music to come out in the past few years.  Heâ??s had releases and remixes on NRK, 2020 Vision, Hooj Choons, Cyclo, RZ, Airtight, Simple Soul and Afterhours.  He has also produced a string of amazing singles and EPâ??s for us including our very first release!  Here Nathanâ??s got his sights set on some big room sleaziness.  Donâ??t get the wrong impression when you read â??big roomâ??; thereâ??s nothing formulaic or typical about these tracks.  This record has been written with the singular idea to rock dance floors but both versions are oozing with Nathanâ??s almost fetishist attention to detail.  The Telectro Mix is built around a louder-than-bombs FM bass line.  Spoken words are peppered over the track and a sax (played by Nathan) floats eerily in the middle adding a warm layer to an otherwise insistent almost robotic groove.  The Jak Mix is as swinging as the Telectro Mix is straight.  Bass warbles, stabs and fluttering shakers jut and bubble at odd times sounding like a jazz drummer whose been forced to play alien kitchen utensils.  The track starts minimally and builds subtly so when the crescendo finally happens, it invariably causes mayhem with audiences.  Both mixes have already ignited the imaginations of DJs like James Holden, David Duriez, Damian Lazarus, Lee Burridge

DJs who are supporting: Clive Henry, Dâ??Julz, Jay Tripwire, James Zabiela, Paolo Mojo, Nic Fanciulli, Dan Ghenacia, Thugfucker, Ty Tek, Terry Francis, Johnny Fiasco, Honey Dijon, Murray Richardson, DJ Three and Marky Star.

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