Alessandro Adriani - Enter The Fire (Sealed) on Stroboscopic Artefacts

Alessandro Adriani - Enter The Fire (Sealed)

Stroboscopic Artefacts [DE] | SA 031 - Jan. 31, 2019

Vinyl || Techno

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It was probably only a matter of time until eclectic producer and Mannequin label founder Alessandro Adriani would join up with Stroboscopic Artefacts, since both are heavily invested in taking electronic music listeners outside of their comfort zone and into a world of unpredictable outcomes. Adriani’s debut EP for the label, Enter the Fire, is the first evidence of a new mutation in the Stroboscopic DNA, as can be seen by a shift in Ignazio Mortellaro’s design work for the label (it is in keeping with the previous horticultural theme of the records, but now features directly scanned objects - in this case a single leaf features on the cover). Adriani’s work has appeared at a time when, even as electronic music continues to expand into all kinds of new territories, many still associate its signature sounds (analog synthesis, quantized percussion etc.) exclusively with the time in which they first began to make a significant cultural impact. Fortunately, innovators like Adriani ignore this belief that sounds must remain harnessed to a specific point in human history: his attitude towards music making is that the changing circumstances of our environments always have the potential to put a fresh spin on the sounds associated with a previous time and place. In other words, he does not cater to any conceptions of “retro” or dreams of future past. His curriculum vitae as a producer, event organizer, and label owner all comes back to this ethos of getting beyond the “museum exhibit” mentality to music and keeping it vital in the here and now. The music on Enter the Fire will not disappoint fans of the hard-edged, aerodynamic style that Adriani has perfected over the years: his skillful distillation of the most impactful elements from genres like EBM, acid, darkwave and industrial is on display the moment that the needle lands upon the grooves of the opening track “He Who Harnesses The Souls”. The track’s cycling sense of urgency builds as one hectic sequence is screened on top of the other, with the topmost layer providing a gorgeous melodic sheen to it all. This is followed up with “Rituals (707 EBM Version)” a tense martial stomp designed around a classically effective sequence of 16th notes and brusing kick drum. As these elements intensify the feeling of inhuman discipline through a series of flanging and filtering techniques, chilly phantom noises hint at a state of profound mental and physical exhaustion. The B-side shows that music with sheer bionic strength it isn’t the only card Adriani has to play, either within his repertoire as a whole or on this single slab of vinyl. It kicks off with a (relatively speaking!) more contemplative version of “Rituals,” a deviously designed mirage of shifting audio sands in which many different elements (i.e. some hesitant guitar figures, wordless vocalizations) come into view but remain tantalizingly out of reach. The program’s conclusion, “Astronomy”, evokes something more like the cultivated patience of a private investigator on a stakeout (one who is, of course, equipped with all necessary means of technological surveillance). Continuous high-frequency tones, magnified sections of surface noise, and a multitude of other encoded signals all descend on the listener and like a sort of dub music for the ‘peak information’ age.

On Dec 5th we will host the EP on Beatport /’s First Spin feature.

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Love this, EBM version my fav.

dope release, thanks!

Thank you! Great release!

Phase Fatale
Awesome Alessandro!!

Dj Fra / Nitsa Club, Kompakt, Primavera Sound

This is excellent! A lot of different sounding stuff on here but will play all. Thanks.

Teste/ O/H / Huren
Alessandro can do no wrong!

b side sounding good…

really good stuff, especially A2. thanks!

Etapp Kyle

B-side is killer!

Ilario Alicante
Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!

Oliver Ho - Broken English Club
love these tracks! totally my thing! will play

Terence Fixmer
EBM version , of course ;-)

Great EP... I will try inthe next shows

Surit / NX1

Declan Cosgrove / CSGRV / Superstition
Digging A1

We like Rituals 707 EBM Version thanx

Liam/ Clouds

Dimi Angelis

Marcel Dettmann

the rituals 808 mix is really nice

Karl Meier (Talker)
I like the spaciousness of the \'808 Version\' of \'Rituals\' & \'Astronomy\' on this - thanks for sending!

Max Durante

Aurora Halal

Dustin Zahn
Great record! Its really nice to see AA on Strobo!

Adriana Lopez
B2 and A2. Thanks!

Lena Willikens

Dadub / Inner8
well produced EP but not really my cup of tea

Cosmin TRG
Fantastic, thank you!

Dave Miller (Abstract Division)
Full support!

Dope EP! will play the 707 version!!

Luke Slater

Kristian / Ame

Svreca / Semantica
Excellent 12\". Full support.

Jonas Kopp
Great one ! thanks.

wow! this is so cool.. Love it!

Francois X
Epic music Dope

Arnaud Le Texier
Great music. I will play some for sure. Thx

Great EP thanks!

Henning Baer


Nice ep, thx!

Very nice!!!!

Mary Velo

A1 and A3 my fav! nice ep thanks!

Edit Select
He who harnesses the soul is excellent thanks for this ;)

Jeff Rushin
Cool stuff

Jeff Derringer/Soma/Oktave
Sounds very nice!

Stephanie Sykes
B2 Astronomy!!

Pearson Sound

Denise Rabe
A1 for me. Thank you!

A3 & B2! Thanks!

Samuli Kemppi
Astronomy is a killer! Thank you.

Serena Butler
Real love for this

Chris Stanford
Really diggin the A1, will play.

Raffaele Attanasio

This is very cool, liking A1 and A3 808 version and Astronomy is especially nice. Thanks!