Various Artists - Belgian New Beat (10x12Inch / Boxset) on 541

Various Artists - Belgian New Beat (10x12Inch / Boxset)

541 [BE] | 541794 - Jan. 31, 2019

Vinyl || New Beat (Collector)

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A1. Fatal Error - Fatal Error A2. Chico Crew - Acid Pages (Church Mix) B1. Logic System - Unit B2. Dr Phibes - Acid Story B3. Amnesia - Ibiza (Loco Acid Mix) A1. Shakti - The Awakening A2. Philadelphia Five - BongaWalk (Mix II) A3. Spectrum - Total Recall (New Beat Mix) B1. Neon - No Limit (Relax Your Body Accapella Perc. Mix) B2. Acts Of Madmen - The Dream B3. Shriekback - Into Method (Planet Mix) A1. Space Opera - Mandate My Ass (New Beat Mix) A2. House Boys - Touch My Lips B1. Snowy Red - Euroshima (Wardance) B2. A Split Second - Flesh B3. Spiritual Sky - Sky My House Band (Écoutez Et Répétez) A1. Reese & Santonio - Rock To The Beat A2. White House White - Oddball Harry A3. The Rude Boy Farley Keith - Give Your Self To Me B1. Inouď - Externia B2. Boytronic - Bryllyant A1. Ghostdance - Ghostbeat (New Beat Mix) A2. In-D - Virgin In-D Sky's (Special Adventure Mix) B1. Major Problem - Acid Queen (Dirty Version) B2. Chayell - Don't Even Think About It A1. Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix) A2. Bazz - The Drop Deal B1. Blue Vertigo - Abadan (Monday Morning Mix) B2. Domination - Paranoia (Destruction Mix) B3. Iconoclass - Tenebra A1. Arbeid Adelt! - Death Disco A2. Bill Nelson - When Your Dream Of Perfect Beauty Comes True A3. Nux Nemo - Hiroshima B1. Pete Shelley - Witness The Change (Dub Version) B2. 16 BIT - Where Are You? (Instrumental) A1. Jamie Principle - Baby Wants To Ride A2. Twice Of Love - The Birth B1. BPM AM - Come To Me (Vocal Version) B2. Carlos Perón - A Dirty Song (Instrumental) B3. Zerocks - You Too (Bonzo Mix) A1. Chayell - Beach A2. Grey House - New Beats The House B1. F.O.G. - Electricity B2. Chico Crew - Noise Gate (Sancho Mix) A1. Beat-A-Max - Caravan A2. Zsa Zsa Laboum - Something Scary A3. Acid Commando - Acid Generation (Bonus Beats) B1. Newcleus - Automan (Dub Mix) B2. Fred Brown - Roman Days

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(10x12INCH boxset) A nice selection of slow and dark dance records full of rhythm. 49 tracks, of timeless classics and lesser-known diamonds from the genre... Includes liner notes by compiler Kristof Vandenhende. Featuring tracks by Arbeid Adelt, A Split Second, Snowy Red, Zsa Zsa Laboom, Shakti, White House White,