Scan X - F Com 25 Remastered Ep 1 (Sealed) on F Communications

Scan X - F Com 25 Remastered Ep 1 (Sealed)

F Communications [FR] | 267WO27133 - Dec. 28, 2020

Vinyl || Techno

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A1: Earthquake
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A2: Wastetand
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B1: Blinding Waves
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B2: Process Cyan

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A free and unconstrained expression – permanent and cutting-edge creativity - complex and amazing personality, Mr Oizo is always where you don't expect him. On the popular peaks and in the depths of the avant-garde, he counts his fans as well as his sceptics with its sounds and images of surprise, destabilizing and disturbing.
In his universe, neutrality does not exist. The bridges, and bridges between sound, image and writing are perpetually destroyed to be reinvented.