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Mar. 10, 2016


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RSD 2016 !!! ORDERS MUST BE BACK IN ON 16/03/2016 Deel 2

Mar. 10, 2016

Dear Customers RSD 2016 Official List : 

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Artist / Title / Sort / Price

Accept,Staying A Life -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
African Head Charge,Super Mystic Brakes -10"-,12in,15,14
A-Ha,Hits South America,12in,16,97
Air,Casanova 70,12in,20,60
Anchoress,7-Popular -2TR-,7inch,14,70
Anti Pasti,Last Call -DELUXE/LTD-,LP,30,04
Anti-Flag,Live Acoustic At.. -LTD-,LP,27,86
Atreyu,Best Of,LP,36,84
Bay, James,Chaos And The Calm -PD-,LP,32,58
Beach Slang,Broken Thrills -PD/LTD-,LP,26,77
Bee Gees/Faith No More,7-I Started A Joke,7inch,18,79
Belairs,Volcanic Action! -LTD-,LP,36,21
Benefactors,7-Wish You Knew Better,7inch,9,89
Berger, Michel,Bo Rive Droite, Rive..,12in,18,79
Berger, Michel,Bo Tout Feu Tout Flamme,12in,18,79
Best Coast,7-Best Coast,7inch,13,52
Big Star,Complete Columbia: Live..,LP,30,58
Birdy,7-Lost It All,7inch,18,79
Bixiga Meets Victor Rice,Copan Connection,LP,29,31
Black Heart Rebellion/Kis,For Julia/Cornflower,12in,19,06
Bleachers,Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2,LP,26,95
Bluesology,7-Come Back Baby,7inch,13,52
Bowie, David,7-Tvc15 -PD-,7inch,18,79
Bowie, David,Man Who Sold The.. -PD-,LP,36,94
Bridges, Leon,Louisiana Sun (FROM The..,12in,16,06
Bring Me The Horizon,7-Live From Maida Vale,7inch,25,14
Brood, Herman & Wild Roma,Shpritsz =REMASTERED=,LP,22,23
Brown, Ian,Solarised -LTD-,LP,32,58
Buzzcocks,More Product In A.. -LTD-,LP,63,25
Campbell, Glen,7-Wichita Lineman,7inch,19,69
Candlemass,Epicus Doomicus.. -PD-,LP,36,92
Captain Beefheart,Live Knebworth 1975,LP,40,38
Carter, Frank & The Rattl,7-Loss -LTD-,7inch,14,25
Casey, Al,Surfin' Hootenanny -LTD-,LP,36,21
Cash, Johnny,All Aboard The.. -LTD-,LP,41,47
Cash, Johnny,Best Of The Johnny Cash,LP,26,95
Cat's Eyes,7-Chameleon Queen -LTD-,7inch,12,43
Cavern Of Ant-Matter,Void Versions -LTD-,12in,18,69
Challengers,Hot Rod Album! -LTD-,LP,36,21
Chapman, Michael,Savage Amusement-Reissue-,LP,23,32
Chase & Status/Novelist,Chase & Status Present..,12in,14,25
Cheap Trick,At Budokan -COMPLETE-,LP,27,68
Chelsea,Alternative -DELUXE/LTD-,LP,30,04
Chelsea,Alternative Hits -DELUXE-,LP,27,13
Cherry, Neneh,Bufallo Stance.. -PD-,12in,27,86
Circa Waves,7-Something Like You,7inch,13,52
Clark, Brandy/Sheryl Crow,7-Girl Next Door,7inch,15,16
Clutch,Elephant Riders -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Cobham, Billy,7-Stratus (PART 1),7inch,15,16
Collins, Shirley,7-English Songs V.2,7inch,17,15
Coltrane, John,Roulette Sides -10"-,12in,24,23
Conflict,Increase The.. -DELUXE-,LP,27,13
Conflict,There's No.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Creedence Clearwater Revi,1969 Box Set -LP+CD/LTD-,LP,193,03
Crowe, J.D. & New South,J.D. Crowe & New South..,LP,32,58
Damned,Live In London Vol.1,LP,27,13
Damned,Live In London Vol.2,LP,27,13
Damned,Live In London Vol.3,LP,27,13
Davis, Miles,Ghetto Walkin',12in,26,95
Death Cab For Cutie,7-Tractor Rape..,7inch,15,16
Dekker, Desmond,Rude Boy Dub,LP,23,32
Derek & Clive,7-Punk Song,7inch,13,52
Devo's Gerald Casale,It's All Devo -LTD-,12in,22,87
Dewolff,7-Dog Food,7inch,12,43
Disturbed,Sound Of Silence -PD-,12in,26,05
Dolenz, Micky,7-Chance Of A.. -LTD-,7inch,18,60
Doors,7-France/America 2016,7inch,15,16
Doors,Live At The Aquarius..,LP,46,01
Duke Spirit,Blue & Yellow.. -EP-,12in,18,60
Eight O Eight State,Pacific,12in,18,60
Electric Prunes,7-I've Got A Way -LTD-,7inch,15,16
Emerson, Lake & Palmer,Live In.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Escobar, Al,Rhythmagic -LTD-,LP,36,21
Europe,Final Countdown (30TH..,12in,23,32
Fall,Bingo Masters At Witch..,LP,40,38
Fall,Real New Fall Lp,LP,31,94
Ferrer, Ibrahim,Ibrahim Ferrer -HQ-,LP,30,58
Ferry, Bryan,7-Island Singles..,7inch,64,16
Field Music,Field Music -LTD-,LP,27,84
Five Finger Death Punch,Wrong Side Of Heaven..,LP,46,92
Flamin' Groovies,7-Crazy Macy -LTD-,7inch,14,25
Flat Duo Jets,7-Pink Gardenia/Man..,7inch,28,77
Fleetwood Mac,Alternate Tusk,12in,24,23
Fleshtones,7-End Of My Neighborhood,7inch,14,25
Florence & The Machine,Delilah / Only Love Can..,12in,14,25
Focus,7-Hocus Pocus,7inch,11,34
Frankie Goes To Hollywood,Rage Hard (THE Making..,12in,18,60
Funkadelic,One Nation Under.. -LTD-,12in,24,77
Go! Team,Thunder, Lightening,..,LP,27,84
Goblin,7-Suspiria -LTD-,7inch,19,69
Goblin,La Via Della Droga -LTD-,LP,29,66
Gogo Penguin,Live At Abbey.. -LTD-,12in,14,25
Grapefruit,7-Lullaby -LTD-,7inch,16,95
Grateful Dead,Capitol Theatre 4/25/77,LP,163,99
Greasy Bear,Is Adrian There? -LTD-,LP,36,03
Guy, Buddy/Junior Wells,Criteria Sessions,LP,25,14
Halestorm,Tba -10"-,12in,18,79
Harper, Nick,Wilderness Years Vol.1-3,LP,74,87
Harris, Emmylou,Wrecking Ball,LP,46,92
Harvey, P.J.,7-Community Of Hope,7inch,13,52
Hawkwind,7-Hassan I Sahba -LTD-,7inch,16,95
Heaven 17,(WE Don't Need This)..,12in,14,25
Heinz, Gerhard,7-Schamlos,7inch,11,34
Hello Kitty On Ice,7-Man With A Hole In..,7inch,12,43
Hendrix, Jimi,Smash Hits,LP,25,14
Higher Authorities,Neptune -LTD-,LP,29,66
Hooverphonic,Magnificent Tree,LP,22,23
Hot 8 Brass Band,Sexual Healing,12in,16,95
Hozier,Take Me To Church -LTD-,12in,20,24
Husker Du,7-In A Free Land -LTD-,7inch,15,14
Idle Race,Idle Race,LP,36,94
Iggy & The Stooges,Metallic K.O. -LTD-,LP,23,32
Ignite,7-Vipers And Thieves,7inch,9,71
Il Sogno Del Mariano,7-Whistling E.P. -LTD-,7inch,16,95
Isley Brothers,This Old Heart Of Mine,LP,27,86
James,Greenpeace Palace..,LP,42,74
Jarre, Jean-Michel,7-Exit,7inch,30,58
Jefferson Starship,Tales From The.. Vol.1,LP,30,04
Jefferson Starship,Tales From The.. Vol.2,LP,30,04
Jehst,7-Reel It In -LTD/2TR-,7inch,16,79
Jethro Tull,A Classic Case -DELUXE-,LP,27,13
Jethro Tull,Too Old To Rock 'N Roll,LP,31,49
John, Elton,Thom Bell Sessoins -EP-,12in,20,24
Jones, Grace,Private Life / She's..,12in,27,86
Jones, Quincy,Dude,LP,27,86
Jury, Max,7-Numb -LTD-,7inch,13,34
Kapitan Korsakov,Stuff & Such,LP,25,95
Kapitan Korsakov,Well Hunger,LP,27,77
Killing Joke,Pylon,LP,32,58
Killswitch Engage,7-Define Love,7inch,22,42
King, Albert/Paul Butterf,7-Born Under A Bad Sign,7inch,18,79
Kings Of Convenience,Quiet Is The New Loud,LP,23,87
Kings Of Convenience,Riot On An Empty Street,LP,23,87
Kings Of Convenience,Versus,LP,23,87
Kooten, Van & De Bie,De Blijvers,LP,27,68
K's Choice,Extra Cocoon All Access,LP,18,60
Kypski,7-Drank En Drugs -REMIX-,7inch,13,34
La Dispute,Tiny Dots -LTD-,LP,26,77
La Muerte,Murder Machine,LP,17,88
Lang, K.D. & Reclines,Absolute Torch.. -LP+7"-,LP,27,86
Langhorne Slim,When The Sun Goes Down,LP,30,58
Last, James,Voodoo Party -LTD-,LP,27,86
Lee, Christopher,Charlemagne: By The..,LP,40,38
Les Blauw,Les Blauw -LTD-,LP,25,14
Libertines,Live 2015 -DELUXE/LTD-,LP,30,04
Lukas Graham,7 Years,7inch,26,05
Lush,Origami -LTD-,LP,118,59
Lynyrd Skynyrd,Live From The.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Madonna,Like A Virgin & Other..,LP,20,60
Magazine,Once At The Academy,LP,18,60
Man Man,Six Demon Bag -LTD-,LP,33,58
Manic Street Preachers,A Design For Life,12in,30,58
Mann, Kenny -JR- & Liquid,Tin Top -LTD-,12in,17,88
Mansell, Clint,Requiem For A Dream,LP,44,20
Marilyn Manson,Antichrist Superstar,MC,23,87
Mclean, Bitty/Bunny Rugs,Taxi Records Split 10",LP,18,60
Mcmahon, Andrew,Canyons -EP/LTD-,LP,32,58
Megadeth,Dystopia -PD-,LP,37,30
Mellencamp, John,Scarecrow,LP,37,30
Mensah, Joe,Cry Laughter,12in,31,47
Metallica,Live At The Bataclan,CD,16,06
Mew,And The Glass Handed Kite,LP,24,05
Miller, Steve -BAND-,Joker - Live -PD/LTD-,LP,37,84
Mn'ms,Melts In Your Ears,LP,30,58
Modja, Inna,Motel Bamako,12in,23,32
Monk, Thelonious,London Collection 3 -LTD-,LP,49,62
Monkees,Classic Album Collection,LP,227,51
Moore, Christy,Paddy On The Road,LP,27,86
Morissette, Alanis,Demos 1994-1998,LP,36,94
Mothersbaugh, Mark,Hello, My Good.. -LTD-,12in,20,58
Motorhead,Bad Magic,LP,35,12
Motorhead,Bad Magic,LP,35,12
Motorhead,Bad Magic,LP,35,12
Move,7-Something Else.. -LTD-,7inch,16,95
Mudcrutch,7-Trailer/Beautiful World,7inch,16,97
Mumford & Sons,7-There Will Be.. -LTD-,7inch,15,16
Muse,7-Reapers -PD-,7inch,18,79
My Baby,7-Voodoo Electrique,7inch,11,07
Myers, Dave & Surftones,7-Gear! -LTD-,7inch,15,16
Napalm Death,Utilitarian =10"=,12in,54,99
Nash, Graham,This Path Tonight -LP+7"-,LP,33,31
Needle And The Pain React,Porcupine,12in,24,32
Nelson, Willie / Uncle Tu,7-Truck Drivin Man (LIVE),7inch,18,79
Nevermore,Politics Of Ecstasy -..,LP,30,58
No Blues,Best Of 10 Years -LTD-,LP,24,21
Notorious B.I.G.,Mo' Money, Mo Problems,12in,24,23
Ocean Colour Scene,Moseley Shoals,LP,42,74
Oldfield, Mike,7-Nuclear Burn -PD-,7inch,13,52
One Way System,All Systems Go -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
One Way System,Writing On The.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Orb,Orb's Adventures Beyond..,LP,77,77
Ost,Dr. Who - Genesis.. -LTD-,LP,37,84
Ost,One Voice -LTD-,12in,20,58
Ost,Star Wars: The.. -PD-,12in,14,25
Otterloo, Rogier Van,7-Turks Fruit,7inch,11,34
Outkast,Elevators (ME & You),12in,16,06
Outsiders,7-The Life I Live,7inch,11,89
Page, Jimmy,7-She Just.. -REISSUE-,7inch,13,52
Panes, Roo,Little Giant -LTD-,LP,30,13
Partridge, Alan,Knowing Me Knowing.. -PD-,LP,37,84
Petty, Tom & Heartbreaker,Kiss My Amps Vol.2,LP,27,86
Pinback,Blue Screen Life -LTD-,LP,42,38
Pink Fairies,Chinese.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Pop, Iggy,7-Fire Engine,7inch,16,52
Pratt, Phill,Star Wars Dub -REISSUE-,LP,23,32
Presley, Elvis,Le Retour.. -LTD-,LP,34,21
Presley, Elvis,Complete Louisiana1954-56,LP,59,80
Presley, Elvis,Live In The 50'S -LTD-,LP,59,80
Presley, Elvis,Such A Night.. -DELUXE-,LP,59,80
Presley, Elvis,I'm Leavin': Elvis..,LP,26,95
Pritchard, Mark/Bibio/Cla,A Badman Sound/Heath..,7inch,14,25
Project X,Project X,12in,26,05
Public Image Ltd,Live At O2.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Public Service Broadcasti,7-Other Side,7inch,12,89
Radical Face,Family Tree Trilogy -LTD-,LP,118,61
Reed, Eli -PAPERBOY-,7-Cut You Down -LTD-,7inch,14,25
Remains,Remains -MONO- -LTD-,LP,41,65
Renbourn, John,Attic Tapes,LP,37,48
Residents,Please Do Not Steal It,LP,22,23
Reverend Horton Heat,7-Handscrabble..,7inch,12,43
Rock, Pete,7-Give It To Y'all -LTD-,7inch,13,34
Rodrigo Y Gabriela,Live Manchester And..,LP,20,60
Runaways,And Now The.. -DELUXE-,LP,27,13
Runaways,7-Right Now/Black Leather,7inch,17,33
Rundgren, Todd & Utopia,Disco Jets -LTD-,LP,33,76
Ruts Dc,Live On Stage-Deluxe/Ltd-,LP,30,04
Sage Francis,7-Shit Brick House -LTD-,7inch,17,24
Sangare, Oumou,Moussolou -HQ-,LP,24,68
Satie, E.,Gymnopedies/Gnossiennes,LP,27,86
Saxon,Lionheart -PD/LTD-,LP,37,84
Shankar, Ravi,In Hollywood 1971 -LTD-,LP,37,84
Sheeran, Ed,Live At The Bedford,12in,15,16
Sheeran, Ed,Loose Change,12in,15,16
Sheeran, Ed,No. 5 Collaborations,12in,15,16
Sheeran, Ed,Songs I Wrote With Amy,12in,15,16
Sheeran, Ed,You Need Me,12in,15,16
Sia,We Meaning You.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Simple Minds,Big Music Live -LTD-,LP,43,29
Simson/Cutting/Wright,7-Green Onions,7inch,13,43
Skatalites,7-Original Ska.. -LTD-,7inch,60,44
Skrillex & Diplo,Where Are U Now,12in,23,32
Slits,I Heard It Through.. -EP-,12in,14,25
Small Faces,7-Autumn Stone -2TR-,7inch,14,70
Soft Cell,Sex Dwarf,12in,14,25
Son Volt,Live At The Bottom Line..,LP,31,49
Space,Spiders -PD/LTD-,LP,37,84
Spektor, Regina,Begin To Hope.. -DELUXE-,LP,36,94
Spencer, Jon -BLUES Explosion-,That's It Baby.. -LTD-,LP,23,30
Status Quo,Rocking All Over (JOHN..,LP,42,74
Strummer, Joe,Gangsterville,12in,13,34
Sublime,Jah Won't Pay The Bills,LP,32,58
Summers, Andy,Metal Dog,LP,27,68
Sun Ra,Spaceways -LTD-,LP,45,10
Sun Ra,In Some Far Place: Roma..,LP,36,03
Sunset Sons,7-On The Road -LTD-,7inch,13,34
Sweet,Sweetlife -DELUXE/LTD-,LP,27,13
Sweet & Hoffs,Under The Covers 1 -LTD-,LP,43,29
Sweet & Hoffs,Under The Covers 2 -LTD-,LP,43,29
Sweet & Hoffs,Under The Covers 3 -LTD-,LP,43,29
Sweet, Matthew,Goodfriend,LP,27,68
T. Rex,Born To Boogie -LTD-,LP,43,29
Talking Heads & Echosmith,7-This Must Be The Place,7inch,15,16
That Petrol Emotion,Manic Pop Thrill -LTD-,12in,43,29
That Petrol Emotion,In The Beginning -EP/LTD-,12in,18,60
Thirteenth Floor Elevators,You're Gonna Miss Me -PD-,12in,24,21
Thompson Twins,Quick Step & Side.. -LTD-,LP,38,57
Thompson Twins,Set -LTD-,LP,40,55
Thunders, Johnny,Vive La Revolution,LP,23,32
Toilet Boys/Boy George,Last Breath Of =10"=,12in,18,60
Tornadoes,Best Of Tornadoes -LTD-,LP,36,21
Toussaint, Allen,7-Whipped Cream &.. -4TR-,7inch,14,70
Toussaint, Allen,Live In Philadelphia 1975,LP,31,49
Turner, Frank,Positive Songs For..,LP,32,58
Twenty One Pilots,7-Double Sided 7",7inch,16,97
U.K. Subs,7-Gem Singles Box-Pd/Ltd-,7inch,112,26
U.K. Subs,Violent.. -DELUXE-,LP,30,04
Urban Dance Squad,Singles Collection,LP,27,68
V/A,Sensible Record Labels 2,LP,13,34
V/A,7-Classic 45'S - Mod-Ltd-,7inch,109,35
V/A,7-Classic 45'S -PUNK-LTD-,7inch,109,35
V/A,Brighton's Finest -LTD-,LP,43,29
V/A,Cambodian Cassette..,LP,56,08
V/A,Rough Guide To East..,LP,24,59
V/A,Rough Guide To Latin..,LP,24,59
V/A,Rough Guide To Psy.Cumbia,LP,24,59
V/A,Rough Guide To Psy.Samba,LP,24,59
V/A,Rough Guide To Unsung..,LP,24,59
V/A,Get Me Home For Tea -LTD-,LP,46,92
V/A,Hello Kitty Hello.. -PD-,LP,32,40
V/A,Other Side Of Sun 3 -LTD-,LP,26,03
V/A,Bob Dylan's Greenwich 1,LP,30,04
V/A,Bob Dylan's Greenwich 2,LP,30,04
V/A,Genius Of Time - Larry..,LP,42,74
V/A,Jazz Dispensary: Cosmic..,LP,168,52
V/A,7-New Orleans Funk -LTD-,7inch,60,44
V/A,Nuggets -HALLUCINATIONS..,LP,36,94
Valentines,Sound Of -LTD-,LP,33,76
Vant,7-Fly By Alien,7inch,16,97
Way, Gerard,7-Pinkish,7inch,15,16
Wedding Present,Hit Parade -SPEC/LTD-,12in,78,50
Weeknd,Hills - The Remixes,12in,20,24
White, Matthew E.,7-Cool Out -LTD-,7inch,8,80
Williams, Lucinda,Just A Little More..,12in,14,97
Williams, Wendy O,Fuck 'N Roll (LIVE) -EP-,12in,22,87
Wizards,Purple Magic -LTD-,LP,37,84
Wyman, Bill,Monkey Grip -PD/LTD-,LP,37,84
Zappa, Frank,7-Joe's Garage -PD-,7inch,13,52
Zappa, Frank,7-My Guitar / Dog Breath,7inch,13,52
Zevon, Warren / Flaming G,7-Werewolves Of London,7inch,18,79
Zombie, Rob,Well, Everybody's.. -PD-,12in,20,24
Zombies,Zombies =MONO= -LTD-,LP,31,31
Adverts,Cast Of Thousands (Ltd. Wit Vinyl),LP,34,21
Adverts,Crossing The Red Sea With The Adverts (Ltd. Rood Vinyl),2LP,48,73
Animals,We Gotta Get Out Of This Place,LP,34,21
Bardo Pond,Acid Guru Pond (Ltd. Blauw/Groen & Rood/Oranje Vinyl),2LP,52,36
Bevis Frond,Inner Marshland,LP,36,03
Bevis Frond,Miasma,LP,36,03
Blonde Redhead,Peel Session,7",13,70
Carlton Melton,Aground (Ltd. Transparant Groen Vinyl),MLP,26,95
Charles, Pearl,S/T (Ltd. Roze Vinyl),LP,27,86
Chicago Underground Duo,Boca Negra,LP,24,23
Demarco, Mac,Another (DEMO) One,LP,31,31
Dna,You & You (Ltd. Transparant Vinyl),7",18,60
Eternal Tapestry,Beyond The 4th Door,LP,24,23
Fall,Bingo-Master's Break Out (Ltd. Blauw Vinyl),7",18,60
Fall,It's The New Thing (Ltd. Blauw Vinyl),7",18,60
Fujita, Masayoshi & Guy Andrews,Needle Six,12",21,51
Giant Sand,The Sun Set Volume 1,8LP,151,10
Half Japanese,Volume 4 1997-2001,3LP,83,94
Hall, Derek & Mike Cooper,Out Of The Shades,7",12,43
Jansch, Bert,Black Birds Of Brittany,7",16,06
Jansch, Bert & Loren Auerbach,Colours Are Fading Fast,3LP,103,91
Kinks,The Kinks In Koncert 1965,LP,34,21
Low + S.Carey,Not A Word (Ltd. Transparant Wit Vinyl),10",16,79
Metz / Mission Of Burma,Split (Ltd. Gemarmerd Geel/Paars/Groen Vinyl),7",11,34
Middleton, Malcolm,You & I,7",12,43
Molina, Jason,The Townes Van Zandt Covers,7",12,43
Nurse With Wound / Band Of Pain,Noinge (Ltd. Oranje Vinyl),10",23,32
Peel, Hannah,Rebox 2 (Ltd. Goudkleurig Vinyl),12",30,58
Pere Ubu,30 Seconds Over Tokyo,7",20,96
Pinact,Stand Stilland Rot (Ltd. Groen Vinyl),LP,27,86
Prekop, Sam,S/T (Ltd. Blauw Vinyl),LP,24,23
Sartain, Dan,Walk Among The Cobras,7",11,53
Skywave,Killerrockandroll (Ltd. Zwart/Rood Gemarmerd Vinyl),LP,31,31
Suicide,Cheree (Ltd. Rood Vinyl),7",18,60
Suicide,Dream Baby Dream (Ltd. Rood Vinyl),7",18,60
Superchunk,Tossing Seeds (SINGLES 89-91),LP,31,31
Them,The Broadcast Ep,7",20,96
Various Artists,Instrumentals Soul-Style,LP,34,21
Various Artists,Los Alamos Grind,CD,24,05
Various Artists,Los Alamos Grind,LP,29,49
Various Artists,Mods Out On The Floor,LP,34,21
Various Artists,Soho Scene '64 (JAZZ Goes Mod),LP,34,21
Various Artists,Texas Soul '65,LP,34,21
Various Artists,The Birth Of The Beat,LP,34,21
Various Artists,The Ladies Of Too Slow To Disco,2LP+7",33,12
Various Artists,Todo Muere Volume 5,LP,27,68
Various Artists,West Coast Soul '65,LP,34,21
Virginia Wing,Rhonda,12",26,95
Walker, Ryley & Charles Rumback,Cannots (Ltd. Blauw Vinyl),LP,25,14
Who,Ready Steady Who Two,7",20,96
Dave Clarke,Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterd,2LP,27,77
Hydrogen Sea & I Will, I Swear,If The Stars Grow Dim Tonight (RSD Limited Etched,10I,12,41
Trixie Whitley,Porta Bohemica (PICTURE Disc),12IPIC,27,86
Tiny Legs Tim,Sad Sad / Religion Serves The Devil Well,10I,15,06
Superpitcher,So Far So Super 2lp + Mp3 (RSD 2016 Release),2LP,28,31
Mueller Roedelius,The Vienna Remixes (RSD 2016 / Blue Vinyl),12I,19,24
Pias/Rough Trade,,,
Xiu Xiu,Xiu Xiu Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks,2LP+DL,26,95
Ezra Furman,Songs By Others,Vinyl 12",17,88
Pins,Trouble,Vinyl 10",14,25
Dirty Three,Sad And Dangerous, Mysterious And Exciting,2LP+DL,32,40
Mercury Rev / Lost Horizons,Rainy Day Record / Life Inside A Paradox,Vinyl 7",14,25
Departure Lounge,Jetleg Dreams,LP+DL,26,95
Eefje De Visser,De Koek,LP,16,97
Glen Hansard,A Season On The Line,12",15,14
Architects,Lost Forever,LP,27,86
Parkway Drive,Horizons,LP,27,86
The Interrupters,The Interrupters,LP,27,86
Various,Sunday Nights: The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough,2LP,32,40
Jay Reatard,Blood Visions (10th Anniversary Reissue),LP,26,95
Junior Kimbrough,I Gotta Try You Girl (Daft Punk Mix),12",14,25
Clutch,Rsd 2016 Etched 12",12",15,06
Peter Doherty/James Johnston,Rsd 2016 Clouds Hill,12",15,06
J. Rawls,Essense Of,2LP,24,77
Various,If Music Presents You Need This: Eastern European Sounds (1970-1986),Vinyl 12",18,79
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds,El Mexicano (The Reflex `La Revolucion? Remixes,10",tbc
Primal Scream,Mantra For A State Of Mind,12`,tbc
Henry Texier,Les Là-Bas (Bonobo Remix),Vinyl 12",11,53
Roots Manuva,Switching Sides,Vinyl 12",18,79
Nightwish,My Walden (green),12",tbc
Nightwish,My Walden (gold),12",tbc
Doro,Love's Gone To Hell (silver),12",tbc
Doro,Love's Gone To Hell (blue),12",tbc
Dead Can Dance,Anastasis,LP,32,40
Balthazar,Wait Any Longer- Live Ep,Vinyl 10'',21,51
Sidestepper,Supernatural Soul,7",7,90
Death,Vivus Dividium,LP,40,57
Interpol,El Pintor- Remixes,LP+DL,21,51
Neon Indian,Psychic Chasms + Mind Ctrl,2LP+DL,32,40
Neon Indian,Era Extrana + Errata Anex,2LP+DL,32,40
Roots Radics,World Cup (Extra Time),LP,20,60
Various,First Class Rocksteady,7x 7"-box,53,27

Blaze Foley,Duct Tape Messiah (ORIGINAL Soundtrack),USLP + DVD,36,92
James Mason,Recollection Echo (RSD 2016),EULP,18,77
Johnny Thunders,Johnny Thunders: 1978,UK12",36,37
The Shaggs,Sweet Maria B/W The Missouri Waltz (MISSOURI State Song),US7",14,96
Third Power,Believe,USLP,35,10
Tiger Joanie Scott,Baby I Need Your Lovin' B/W Kansas City,US7",14,96
V/A,Heartworn Highways - 40th Anniversary Edition Box Set,EU2LPBOXSET + DVD + BOOK,227,49
V/A,Der Zeltweg - Italian Tapes Industrial Music 1982-1984 Volume 2 Lp (2016 Rsd Release),EULP,18,06
Sonic Rendezvous,,,
30.000 Monkies,I Ate Myself To Grow Twice As Big,LP,21,05
Bataan, Joe,Chick A Boom/Cycles Of You,7",8,89
Cachao,Cachao's Gonna Make You Dance,2LP,36,12
Cais Sodre Funk Connection,Soul, Sweat & Cut The Crap,LP,34,30
Deviants, The,You've Got To Hold On/Let's Loot The Supermar,7",10,16
Hollis Brown,Denim,LP,29,13
In Crowd, The,That's Strong My Love Is/Things She Says,7",10,16
Left Lane Cruiser,Beck In Black,LP,32,03
Lunch, Lydia -& Marc Hurtado,My Lover The Killer,2LP,31,94
Metal Urbain,Panik,7",14,61
Metz & Swami John Reis,Let It Rust/Caught Up,7",14,61
Mickey Finn, The,Garden Of My Mind/Time To Start Loving You,7",10,16
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Nofx,Sid & Nancy,7",16,52
Rockin' Vickers, The,Dandy/I Don't Need Your Kind,7",10,16
Sense Field,Living Outside,LP,37,30
Syndicats, The,On The Horizon/Crawdaddy Simone,7",10,16
To Trips/Joao Doce,Sumba,LP,34,30
Various,Hardcore Matinee,LP,32,58
Various (DAYGLO'S Tribute),Ftw If You Can't Take A Joke,LP,29,49
Vega, Alan -& Marc Hurtado,Sniper,2LP,29,22